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Thread: Anybody in the NJ area?

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    Default Anybody in the NJ area?

    Hi all...I'm just wondering if anyone here is in the New Jersey Area?


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    I may be wrong but you'll be pretty unlikely to get a response. I would try telling us a bit about yourself, what your hobbies are etc.

    Have a look here for tips on making an introduction:
    How to make an introduction - ADISC Answers Wiki

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    I agree with Arlikra. This isn't really the time or place to ask people their location.

    I would post an introduction first.

    In fact, I would become a regular before asking people their location.

    ...But that's just me.

    --The Silent Assassin--

    EDIT: Oh wait a second, he already posted an intro.

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    Yes, give your intro a little more structure. This isn't the best site for looking for people to meet up with (if that's your motive). If you're just curious, I can understand, but as far as making it one of your first posts, people are going to be reluctant to answer.

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    I am actually in the New Jersey area, but I agree with the others.

    How about telling us about yourself? Though we do have people who have met each other from this forum, this is not a meet up forum. We like to get to know each other and such and we are more of a community- not just a bunch of random people looking to only have human contact.

    So- how are you? What are your interests, disinterests? Play any sports, video games? Something else cool about you?

    I saw you posted this exact thing a while ago one 11-03-2009

    Hi everyone!
    My name is David. I'm a dl and I've been one for as long as I can remember. I live in NJ and would be open to meeting others if you are in my area!!
    But then never posted again. Post around ! This is a great place, I am sure you will like it.


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    According to Wikipedia, there are 8,682,661 people in New Jersey (2008 estimate). If you deduct yourself, I reckon that there are 8,682,660 people in NJ alone, and even more in the "NJ area", if you include places like NYC.

    That said, please be aware that this isn't a dating or hook-up site, because it's open to people of all ages. Instead of asking for locals, why not introduce yourself so we can get to know you first?!


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    There are quite a few in the NJ "area" including yours truly. As has been said ad nauseam already, it's unlikely that you will hear any more than "I am" from any other member until you make yourself known and we begin to trust you. Actual meetings won't happen until long after that, if ever.

    On the other hand, if all you want is reassurance that there are DLs and *Bs around, you have that. We are everywhere, and even more than you might have imagined. Lots of others pass through, since there are several superhighways traversing the state. It's convenient to get from A to B going through NJ

    So tell us some more about yourself.

    Oh, and me? I'm an adult DL and computer geek. I have been a DL for only about 5 years, which is not forever in my lifespan. I am just over the northern border, close enough that I can jump into NJ to buy gas for my car at the lower prices there

    I like greeting new members.
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    I'm from Toms River, N.J., but now live in Virginia. Go Indian Tom!

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    Hey! Here's a new game: think of anything at all you would like to talk about,

    some video game, or computer issue?
    model rockets?
    Afghani-Pakistani diplomatic relations and trade agreements?
    How do I become a regular or use a certain feature, like what does an icon mean?
    How the heck does someone get to 6 rep in 14 posts, while still a newbie?


    - And I will locate a thread that talks about it or find an expert who has the answers you seek or someone into chatting with you about 67 Mustangs, the care and maintenance of plastic pants, how the rep system works, good memes and bad memes, - whatever takes your fancy.

    And I can even tell you how you yourself can locate the goodies hidden in out of the way spots on ADISC!!

    And not only me, but anyone should feel encouraged to help out with this guy's queries: EVEN FELLOW-NEWBIES!!

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