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    Default sizing?

    alright. well, i ran out of my medium tranquility ATN's last friday, and this past monday morning, i ordered more. i ordered 3 packs of the Large ATN's. but im worrying that they will be too big. i am a size 38 pant. the mediums are 32'' to 44'' waist. the large's are 44'' to 58''. the reason i ordered large is because i had to stretch the mediums to fit. just wondering if i should be worried. thank you

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    ATN's are very similar to Molicares, both brands run a tad small, on the flip side Abena's run large. The smallest however are Medlines >.<

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    alright, so i should be fine? i also like it when the tapes aren't on my sides, more in front of me.

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    In my experiences the ATNs were always sized a bit small. I'm a 34" waist and I didn't like the way ATNs fit me. If you have to stretch the mediums in order to get a proper fit I'd definately go with the larges.

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    If you don't know whether they will fit or not why did you buy three packs? I think one or two samples would have been better.

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    that, is an excellent question. that i dont have an answer for. they fit me width wise, but it goes like, mid back, to past my bellybutton.

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    I have found that being of "average" build sucks for buying diapers. I have a 34-38" waist depending on how close to the holidays it is :P and it always seems like the Medium size for most brands is just a tad too small, but then the Large size is huge and I have a hard time getting them to stay on.

    One nice thing about being able to wear both sizes though is I can "stuff" with a medium size by taking an xacto knife and cutting slits in the backing of the medium before putting it on, and then putting the large on over it. I usually stuff with a medium Tena Super with a large Abena XL on the outside. The combo of those two could have stopped the great flood in its tracks hehe

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    yea, i feel you, altho i am a 38 waist, all the time :P

    yea, i usually stuff with some depends, sometimes 2. when i had my medium ATN's, right before i ran out, i used 3 diapers at once :P

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