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    What is the craziest, dumbest, or dirtiest thing you have ever done playing truth or dare?


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    One of my friends was dared tp pretend to ding-dong-ditch somebody and then, when they got caught fall down in the mud and run into the person's house.. I never saw the results..

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    I stripped naked...

    No, wait... that wasn't a dare. I just did it for fun. The dare was to kiss my friend's nipple. Oh god, it was awful...

    On that same night, some girl was dared to shove her breasts in my face.

    Ahh, what a fun party that was... :puke:

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    My friends aren't really the truth or dare type... I remember a while back two of my (male) friends kissed each other, apparently the deal was if they kissed then these two girls would kiss, but to be honest I think that they just wanted to kiss each other!

    Ages ago my parents used to go to their friend's parties and I'd get dragged round too.
    And at those parties there's always a room filled with all the other kids who got dragged there too... Not so much fun when you're a bunch of seven year olds, but when you're 13 and have learnt how to steal alcohol you learn to have a good time! We never really played truth or dare (I recall playing dares, but nothing too extreme, or at least I never did anything extreme), but we did play spin the bottle (where you spin the bottle twice, and the two people it lands on have to kiss). I remember this one party where there were loads of girls, of just a couple of boys... I was so popular that night!
    It's quite sweet looking back, all that kissing and no sexual acts, it's funny how big a deal kissing used to be.

    I can't tell the best story of spin the bottle, because it would take me too long to explain everything.

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    Well probably to throw rock at my nabors house. luckily they were gone when i did it so no getting yelled at by her.

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    Was a long time ago but it was to run out side in nothing but my tighty whities , circle the house and come back inside and i did it. was like 10 at the time

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    Well, truth or dare is sort've moot in my case -- my friends and I have rather sick senses of humor and will do pretty much anything to gross each other out without being dared.

    When we're recording tracks for the band, we usually give each other an incentive to get our tracks down perfect the first time by playing a game called "Gloodle-Grabbing Goodies". We're not really sure where the name came from. We don't want to know.

    The gist of the game is this: When you start recording your part, whether guitar, vocal, or keyboard, you try to get the first take perfectly. If you can't get it perfect, one of the other members of the band does something hideous to you.

    I've had to put a lighter in my mouth for ten seconds that was left to "stew" in someone's taint for about five minutes. When my best friend Kev didn't get his guitar track down perfectly, it was deemed that he had to stay locked in the bathroom with me for the duration of a bowel movement. When I screwed up my vocal part one time, I had to smoke a cigarette that was rubbed in someone's ass-crack. The list goes on and on, and these are some more of the tame ones.

    We're immature young men who laugh at each other's flatulence, testicles, and various combinations of said testicles / asses / flatulence on one another's face. Enough said.

    It's not a nice game; this is why we have gotten used to practicing our parts during the week so that way when we record, there are the smallest amount of screw-ups possible.

    P.S. - I screwed up a vocal part yesterday, and my upper lip still smells like a dumpster.

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    I haven't played that a lot.. but I have played before. The worst dare I ever got, was to stand in a fire ant hill, barefoot, for 8 seconds.. Yeah, that was real smart.. I did it too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromos View Post
    I haven't played that a lot.. but I have played before. The worst dare I ever got, was to stand in a fire ant hill, barefoot, for 8 seconds.. Yeah, that was real smart.. I did it too..
    Ok not trying to be mean but if Jeff Foxworthy has another here's your sign joke. How old were you when it happened?

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    Actually, Bill Engvall is the one who started the "Here's your sign" thing.

    Anyway, I never really played Truth or Dare very much, so I can't remember anything crazy I've done.

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