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Thread: Who Knows about your Incontinence/Diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerry View Post
    But you aren't really IC, are you? From your posts, it seems that, if everything you are saying is true, you're an AB living out an AB's dream. Good for you, though it is a bit hard to believe (outside of fiction) that your Mommy's parents are "perfectly fine" with her keeping a grown woman as a baby. Nonetheless, if perfect scenarios didn't exist every once in a while, I suppose fantasies would have less strength...
    No I am not IC(Just realized this was in the IC section and I shouldn't have posted in the first place) Sorry. My Mommy and I started out in a relationship which after several months did not work out physically but we remained friends and since I had no where else to turn and we were still friends I stayed in my Mommies home. Our AB/Mommy relationship has grown leaps and bounds since the beginning and yes her parents were thoroughly explained to about our situation and told by my Mommy before they came over one time that we had this AB/Mommy relationship. It would have been a huge surprise to them when they came over and saw the play room with the big Doll House and other toys around the house. So she explained it to them and told them and they accepted it. My Mommy doesn't change me in front of them or anything like that but I do get treated as a baby and wear the clothing and diapers when they come over or we go visit them. For example Christmas we spent it at there house and Mommy cut up my ham and I ate off my kiddie plate and drank Milk from my sippy cup. It may seem like it is fiction or fantasy but it is 100% the truth and because I am pretty much estranged from my parents they are like my only family and I am happy they are comfortable with me and there daughter. Also if I hadn't mentioned or you hadn't read any of my other posts my Mommy is much older that I am. She is 41. So her parents are both in there upper 60's and probably the most caring people I have ever met in my life.
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    My brother, one cousin and bf know I wear diapers. Also my parents and medical professionals.

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    My Wife, a few very good friends and my doctor, that's all that need to know. I definitely don't advertise the fact that I have to wear but if someone were ever to ask I'd be more than happy to discuss it with them. I suspect they might be more embarrassed than I would be.

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    I believe almost everyone that really knows me knows I wear diapers 24/7. Of course my family when I was growing up all knew it. All my best friends know it.

    I don't advertise it but it is kinda hard to go to work 8 hours a day and not get seen carrying a backpack to the restroom as a guy I should add. I try to be conscious of the noise level but we have single stalls so I turn the water on as I am changing sometimes if I know there is someone near by.

    I have been losing weight so the constant bulge is getting a little more noticeable but I don't think there is anything that can be done about that. I cannot wear a cheap/thin diaper and hope to make it through the day. In my opinion having a leak is way worse than having a bulge.

    I did tell my boss just because if I am late for coming back for lunch or someone thinks I am taking to long in the restroom then she understands why.

    I believe a lot of people know really but I don't think I have ever had anyone start the conversation "So I noticed you wear diapers all the time." I do occasionally get a few looks from people though. I have made up my mind that when someone finally does ask I am just going to give them a simple "yep."

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    Some of my family know. I said f'k it, I'm not really hiding it but I'm not going around in just a diaper--unless I'm alone or with my wife at home.

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    Parents, little brother, cousin, aunt and uncle know.

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    Only my wife, my doctors, and my cousin and his long-term-girlfriend know. But even then they haven't been told "I wear diapers", but have been told the whole story and left to draw their own conclusions (how else do you manage urine leakage and bladder spasms?)

    Oh, and one co-worker I was good friends with, who I ran into at the medical center I was at for one of a thousand bladder tests, while he was there getting his knee looked at. We're good friends, but still... AWKWARD.

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    My ex, my wife, doctor, my wife’s best friend and our neighbors we get together once a week know about my UIC and that I wear diapers. We keep it low key except when around the people who know. My wife will ask if I need a change or just tell me to come with her to get changed.

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    For me, its my wife, a couple of her close friends, a couple of my close friends, PCP, Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Neurologist, Urologist, and my Dermatologist who has me strip down to my diapers for my bi-yearly body exams. This includes their staffs and technicians. I'm discreet and low key about it, but if it comes out I'm open about it. I wear diapers and plastic pants.

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