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Thread: do you think goodnites will fit?

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    Default do you think goodnites will fit?

    I'm 118 pounds, waist size about 32-33 inches. I'm a girl, so I don't know if hips make any difference. So will goodnites fit me?

    I'm sorry, I'm sure this question has been addressed many times before, but I searched and couldn't really find a definitive answer. I'd like a girl to answer, maybe, so I can get an opinion on the hips thing.

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    Not a girl, but wear girls Goodnites sometimes. I'm a 29" waist, 135 lbs. and they fit me with a lot of room to stretch...
    Take it for what it is, I guess.

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    I'm a girl! I have worn goodnites once. I wore a s/m boys version. It was a bit snug. I weigh 105 , and I don't know my waist size but I wear a size 1 pant if that helps. I think it's in the wiki how big they stretch. A l/lx should fit.

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    They should fit, but as girls get older, the hips get a bit wider (the difference between Juniors sizing and regular sizing is usually hips and slimness of the legs), so no guarantees.

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    They stretch a lot. Granted I'm a boy at 31-32 and 108 but the newer goodnites with the waistband are much better than some previous designs.

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    For the ladies hips make a big difference. I would measure your hips b/c odds are they are larger than 32-33. 32 in the waist is really pushing it for goodnites.

    IMHO I would go with a proper adult diaper over goodnites anyways.

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    Newbie's first post, so I hope this isn't too sudden.

    Anyway, this one is for the classic goodnites in green packaging (I live in Singapore where they don't sell the girl/boy differentiated goodnites (cry)) so I'm not sure how effective I'd be in helping you. In any case, as above. I really had to be careful putting my pieces on (this being because I tore more than 3 pieces by the sides just trying to fit my fat thighs in, ugh), and even after I barely fitted into them, just a huge move from my leg/nether region and splat, the sides break. I'm around 33 to 34 inches, I think, but my thighs are rather huge as a comparison. I hear the newer goodnites in the states shrank in size compared to the old ones, or am I being totally wrong about this?

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    118 lbs? Go for it. You'll be fine. That's even within the targeted weight range for the actual product.

    32 in. is NOT pushing it for a girl. I'm around there, maybe a lil less. We girls fit into goodnites better because we don't have junk. :P

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think they will work. When I was younger/thinner, they fit fine!

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    Though I am a guy, I fit into them fairly well at 32" and about 135lbs. You'll be fine.

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