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    If any ones has played this, I'm curious what you thought. With the school year winding down, I think I'll buy a new game, and I'm leaning towards this. My experience of strategy games is Age of Empires and Total War. I liked them both. Are these similar in terms of the strategy genre? I've never played a strategy game on a console. Is it better on a XBox 360 or a PC? Thanks.

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    End War is fun at first. But not if you are a socialite. The majority of your troop commands are done through the headset, which makes it impossible to be in a Party Chat at the same time. I love to speak with friends while playing shooters so its not really for me. Coordinated ownage just feels...good.

    Two of my friends stopped playing it about a month after purchase. They got bored of playing Campaign mode. If you like the challenge of out maneuvering your opponents - not just obliterating them in FPS action - then End War is a good choice. It just takes patience.

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    The 360/PC verison are pretty much the same. However the PC one is most likely better. However there are better RTS games out there, this game is like a introduction to RTS games.

    Anyways if you get the 360 version, play against these fool's.

    YouTube - 2 Parrots Playing EndWar

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    hehe parrots playing endwar LOL

    If ya gona get endwar its best online but also very hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celtic View Post
    hehe parrots playing endwar LOL

    If ya gona get endwar its best online but also very hard
    Barrrkk, All Tanks Attack Alpha, Brakkkkk.

    Also the book wasn't tom clancy's at all and I doubt the gave development had much to do with him either. The guy is like madden now, he just leases out his name. :P

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    Very true. I've been a Tom Clancy reader since I was in middle school in 1990, when I first read Hunt For Red October, and I can tell that most of the games use his name just because they can get away with using it.

    Plus, he can see that he can make money using his name and some of the books in the so-called Tom Clancy's series aren't even by him. It's laughable. I've read all of Clancy's novels.

    I read a lot of the OpCenter books, and could tell they were 'sponsored' by him but not really by him. Just takes knowing the author and such.

    I agree with Fire, he's like Madden, selling out his name.


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