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    when I was younger I would going to the store with my parents I would always look at the dog toys, my parents be like your not a dog and don't need dog toys. so I would go walk to dollar general and buy dog toys, I've even tried some dog treats. i had a friend at school who also like acting as a dog. it's nice to know that I'm not the only one and that I'm glad there's a place here to talk to other fur friends. I'm a diaper fur husky so winter is my favorite. what some of your stories and what kind of fur are you?

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    oh where to begin?? xD i used to wear dog collars to school, ive fantasized about having ears an tail so i can wiggle about and just feel like a puppy. i actually act like a pup around people someetimes, lots of girls think its adorable lol

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    Ha! Where do I start? I've always been interested in furry stuff from a very young age (6) but the ABDL stuff came much later (16) and I kinda mashed the two together and Bam! Became a Babyfur

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    Lynx Canadensis, here. I was never especially attracted to "pet" supplies despite BEING fundamentally a pet in even emotional aspects. Apparently lynx-kitties aren't often kept as pets. ^^;;; But somewhat interestingly. I've not combined my furry side and my diaper side much. Obviously they do mesh for me, but they've always been somewhat separate things in an emotional sense. It's more like... I'm a fur that happens to like diapers. ^^

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    I have dreamed about running around on all fours not getting tired and generally enjoying myself. I did it at live action role play with garden gloves to protect my hands once. I was running around making fox noise and I do miss doing that.

    That is why I have a few dreams where I am running on all fours.

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    I've always loved to play I'm animal characters from cartoons, and my favorite character was Pepé le Pew. I found the furry community, and was easy to decide I'm a skunk, and maybe the diaper was the part of the reasons, the decision. When I heard about babyfurs I immediately knew I am one of them ^!^

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    i'm a diaperfur, and i love the stories of animals, or diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by BusterBunny View Post
    Ha! Where do I start? I've always been interested in furry stuff from a very young age (6) but the ABDL stuff came much later (16) and I kinda mashed the two together and Bam! Became a Babyfur
    hey would you happen to use discord?

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    I am a diaper fur have been since I was 8. I now have a large selection of dog items which I use every day and some items that I tend to use all the time.
    I wear a collar and leash every day apart from work
    I have lots off dog toys play with them daily
    I only drink water out of a dog bowl
    I eat all my food at home in a bowl
    I eat dog food wet and dry do so most of the time even round friends winalot canned food is the best
    I use dog shampoo
    I am regularly flea and wormed
    I eat dog treats my favourite is gravy bones and bacon twitters
    I have been tort sit stay paw beg down and how to fetch by my friends
    I have a muzzle and wear a tail if you have not worked it out I am a puppy and human mix

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