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Thread: Describe your dream home.

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    Default Describe your dream home.

    I haven't seen this really posted anywhere I visit so here goes. Describe your dream home. If money was unlimited and you had quite a bit of land, what kind of house would you build?

    As for me, 30-50 acres would be enough for me and I would build my own modern, techy house. White plaster with black steel for the frame and windows. Of course it'd be wired from top to bottom with network cabling, automation, etc, etc. It would had some weird, but nice shapes and a huge glass entrance way that sort of jutted out in a pyramid shape.

    So, what would yours be like?

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    I'll just by Hearst Castle from the state of California, or build a replica.

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    5 acres of land and a modest house of ~2000 square feet or so.

    The house would have loads of wiring, be heavily reinforced, and make use of natural lighting as well as solar and geothermal technologies. A good portion of the house would be ~3-4 feet underground, with a basement portion that would be deeper.

    But the house, for me, is less interesting to think about than the actual property.

    I'd want to build a footpath that would run between, around, and through several water features (lakes) on the property. I'd like a few reflecting pools, and traditional cedar bridges to span a couple of these pools. The planting could be native to the area for the most part, but I would want some 20x20 sitting area that was partially shaded (via vines growing on a pergola) and had a great multitude of hibiscus plants growing.

    It would be nice to be able to head out to this place and read, write, or just sit and think.

    I'd like neighbors reasonably close, but not stacked on top of me. Something like a half mile to a mile between homes would be reasonable; in an emergency, it's a quick jog/ride/drive over, and aside from this, there is little contact unless both parties desire it.

    The property would be planted with a border of trees, and would contain a good number of trees as well. Finally, I would want the acre nearest the home itself to be planted and maintained with grass, trees, and decorative plants. Something soft and lush enough to run around barefoot on/in.

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    An average house with a private beach, and a hidden trapdoor in my room into a larger room.

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    Good amount of land, maybe 20-30 acres in the mountains. I would like to help design and build my own modern take on a prairie style (read: Frank Lloyd Wright) home. I would like it to be two, long, stretched out levels, with soaring roof lines and a lot of outdoor, stepped decks. Glass/Steel outside, with a flat green (landscaped) roof. Inside would have a lot of warm toned and dark wood, heated stained concrete floors, stainless steel, and granite. Stone and wood accents everywhere. Big kitchen, highly useful but not over the top.

    I have many more ideas but I don't want to go on for paragraphs.

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    Honestly? A shack on the coast of the Pacific. It'd be built just before the beach starts, and climate would be tropical. No other people around except for a small town a few miles away that I would bike into via a small footpath for food and supplies.

    A one, maybe two-room shack with a mattress on the floor, a couch, a table, some kitchen cabinets, and a desk. There would be an entrance off the footpath. And French doors would lead out onto a small deck overlooking the beach.

    For the rest of the land I'd use a bit for my own personal garden, and everything else would remain untouched, hopefully park-like though.

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    For the land, I'd like several acres mostly wooded. A large area cleared for garden, greenhouse, and fruit orchard. The several acres of woods would be sufficient to provide for wood backup heat. Plus, the acreage would give me the room to build an outdoor large scale railroad to ride on. Of course, I'd also have a nice size swing set to play on like at the parks.

    The house could be average size, as h3g3l mentioned ~2000 sq. ft., with a full basement. I like the Victorian style architecture, so the interior would have (as our present home has) fluted molding, rosette and plinth blocks around all doorways. Floors would be inlaid hardwood throughout, except for kitchen and baths which would be tile. All ceiling fixtures would have medalians and the ceilings would be 10' to allow for ornate Victorian chandeliers in dining and living rooms. The exterior would be made of as close to maintenance free materials as possible. We made the mistake of having all wood porches and decks built on our house and the maintenance is a pain!

    I'd like to be as self-sufficient as possible, putting up fruits and veggies from the garden in jars, nuts from trees grown in the orchard area, jams and jellies from grape, blackberry and raspberry vines, and a root cellar to store potatoes and other root crops for the Winter.

    Guess I'll have to make do with our 4 acres at present. I do have plans to build a greenhouse for growing our own food now, and we do have lots of woods to supplement buying some firewood. There's plenty of room to have a small fruit/nut orchard as well. I've also got a spot picked out for my outdoor swing! What I have now might be as close to a dream home as I'll ever get.


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    I always thought it would be cool to have a house with the interior floor and walls like that of an aquarium. See the fish and such swim around my walls and floor. Of course just fantasy but you did say dream home.

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    Mine is about 1500 sq ft. with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a sunroom with a hot tub. On a couple of acres, about half wooded.

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    I'd like to live on a large piece of property (about 200 acres) with a wooded area to one side of the property, at the house (on the other side, closer to the road. The house would be a castle which flows into a large wooden building towards the back. The size of the inside would be a minimum of 55000 sq ft. 10 bathrooms (2-3 should be outfitted as master suites), 6bedrooms, 2 kitchens (of course one is large and the other is a restaurant style), 10 car garage (allowing for the storage of everything!), 4 living rooms (entertainment at its best!), 2 game rooms, 2 dinning rooms (one is for the kings guests, the other is for the family), 25 extra rooms (all different sizes of course).

    Inside you would find electronics galore!

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