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Thread: Managing 12/7 wearing, yay.

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    Default Managing 12/7 wearing, yay.

    So, my pack of abenas got here Friday of last week and so far I've managed to wear 12/7. It feels so good to have diapers again after like 8 months or longer. So, what I do is put one on when my family goes to sleep, which is around 9:30pm and then I wear it until they get home, changing of course if needed. They get home around 2:30pm. Well, brothers get here at like 2:30pm, so I take it off by then.

    Lately I've gotten braver and put my pants back on and go down and watch tv and eat after they're asleep, something I normally do, so I'd figured I'd do it while diapered. So far so good =). I'm also getting braver by wearing them closer and closer to the time everyone gets home. And just yesterday I did the exact same thing and it just so happened my mom had stayed home from work and I didn't know about it. I was pure sweating her finding out to, luckily she didn't as it would of been awkward to find out a 3rd time.

    Tomorrow I'll try and wear longer and actually go out and get some food and see if I get back in time to take it off without no one knowing.

    So, yea, it feels good to wear 12/7 for now.

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