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Thread: Babykins adult cloth

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    Default Babykins adult cloth

    Anyone try them? They look very good quality, biut I'm not sure how well they perform (or how easy they are to wash; haven't been in cloth since I was a real baby )


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    I like em, for cloth. I have a couple of velcro and pull on diapers, and I think the velcro diapers are easier to use. The inserts are a good thing to have also.

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    Awesome, thanks! They look like such a good quality product, I really wanna try them


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    I have been using the Babykins pull on cloth diapers and the Velcro for a few years now and they are great. I also love the terry lined plastic pants(vinyl) too. Babykins are a bit on the pricey side but are well worth your money. Good luck in your choice ,and with Babykins I don't think you can go wrong.

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    Thanks! They are a tad on the pricey side, too bad I can only afford to buy a few pairs

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    I have two pairs of their all-in-ones. I don't advise all-in-ones, but the cloth and the plastic pants that they are made out of are both very good. I definitely recommend these.

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    I use the Kins adult diapers (pull-on) for bedwetting. I also have 2 pair of the all-in-one pants. I like the all-in-one pants, but the diaper pants plus plastic pants over the diapers work better. I think they are high quality, but a bit expensive--but worth the price. I do like the soft feel of the pants too.

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    I've never used the Babykins, but I do have a bunch of flannel prefolds that I use and love. But I REALLY want to try the Angel Fluff "Ultimate" contour with elastic leg gathers and velcro fasteners. I have the prefolds with velcro and they are great! No dicking around with pins. Besides, mine always seem to pop open.

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    Babykins are pretty much the only cloth diapers I wear. I have over a dozen, almost all prints. I wear the thicker prefold at night and I have a bunch of their cloth inserts also. I also have some they made for me that are a little smaller for daytime use. Highly recommend them.

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