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Thread: This is kinda twisted...

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    Default This is kinda twisted...

    K, by COMPLETE accident I stumbled on this vid off of YouTube. I was checking out some 80s TV intros to add to my collection and I found this.

    YouTube - Everyone Poops Trailer

    It's twisted, and yet kinda on topic in a way. LOL.


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    Ha! It's brilliant satire, in my opinion. I'm wholly against the movie adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are" and all of Hollywood's attempts to mangle elements of my/our childhoods.

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    Pretty good, I watched the "Plaxico Burress on Gun Safety" video by them too, that was good too.

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    This whole thing might as well be added to my topic titled "Where the wild things are" since really, it's all a extension/satire of the trailer I posted.

    Anyways I think the real movie, "Where The Wild Things Are" is going to be fairly decent.

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