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Thread: Guess who is back!

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    Talking Guess who is back!

    *wanders in out from out of nowhere*

    Yo ho ho mateys, I ish backs. *hugs all the old-old regulars extra tightly*

    Yea, sorry I disappeared like that again *scratches back of neck awkwardly*, it just I had A LOT going in my life and I need to take care of them first, and I needed to live in the real world to do that. Don't worry, I never forgot about this site, you guys are my second family, and always will be!

    Well, my life is semi-sorted out, per se, so I am good for now. And I have been on another site, if anyone here uses it, and I know a few must do, it's BlogTV. And I just got freaking addicting to it man, like I am HOOKED on BlogTV crack, like I am watching it right now, I am in HowieReportingLive's room for the people that do go there, lol. If any of you guys want to add me on there, my name is torontomapleleafer, I do shows from time to time, so hey, it would be nice to see you on there, lol. Please keep the accounts to real life accounts (no diaper related accounts as I have a lot of friends on there that I worked hard to get, lol)

    So, I had a great Easter, had all the family come over, it was great, the weather was a little cool though, but sunny. Oh well, guess you can't have your cake and eat it too, lol.

    So, how was everyone's Easter?

    I see we have quiet a few new members that have joined here since I left, I welcome you to the site with open arms and hope you have fun.

    I guess that is all for now, so ciao for now!

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    Welcome back, YWN!! **hugs**

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    Guess who's back?! Santa Claus? Elvis? Hitler? Ah, damn, it's worse than's my worst nightmare! *cries*


    P.S.: Welcome back!

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    *GLaDOS voice* Welcome back person, we don't know who this person is they have been away so long

    I must admit I had noticed your dissappearence. Welcome back!

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    Welcome back to the fold, Your (my?) Worst Nightmare. You're really not that bad, to me anyway. Hope you stay around.

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    Heh, thanks for the welcome backs, I was thinking people would have forgotten about me on here by now, LMAO!

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