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Thread: Night Diaper problem

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    Default Night Diaper problem

    I have found that after i wet them it is very very hard for me to fall asleep in them. I enjoy it and all, its just so damn hard to fall asleep, or STAY asleep when they are wet. Is this normal for everyone? When i use them in the day i keep them on until they are full, dosn't bother me one bit.

    I usualy go to sleep with them on and when i wake up needing to go, i just let it out. But then i can't fall back asleep again, or if i do its a very weak sleep and i'm waking up every 30 min or so. And a few nights ago i woke up and let it out.... and forgot i didn't have a diaper on lol, i was just really tired and wasn't thinking straight. Thank god for the plastic pad on the bed. That was almost impossible to fall asleep in... had to finaly just get up after a few hours of not falling asleep for 5 min at a time and waking up.

    Was just wondering if this was a normal problem, or just me.

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    You have to get comfortable befor you can sleep in them. One, what kind of diaper are you using. If it's some cheep brand, it may be uncomfortable even if you don't relise it. Or maby it's just not part of your sleeping habbit which makes it harder. I bet that if you make it a habbit (which can have consicuences of it's own) It'll be easier to fall alseep in.

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    Sleeping in diapers is definately a matter of getting used to them. Once your body gets over the whole "OMG I'm in a diaper!" stage you should be able to carry on with your more normal routine easily.

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    I have that problem too. When i first go to sleep and my diaper is dry, i don't have any problems at all and i never really did. But if i wake up and use it in the night, there is almost no way I'm falling asleep again. I think it has to do with being worried about it leaking when i move around, which has happened to me several times. Now that i have some better diapers, i think i may be able to trust them enough to fall asleep but it take time to get used to.

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    I have never really had a problem wearing diapers to bed. I also almost always go to bed with a damp diaper on too. I guess being the diaper lover that I am makes it easy to wear thick diapers to bed. I also wear them out of necessity too because I am a bed wetter.

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    i used to do that but now i even had a slightly wet diaper when i fell asleep and it was almost full when i woke uo. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was sp surprised and checked like seven times if i was dreaming

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    It take time get use to sleepping in wet diaper I first could fall A sleep with one wet on but got use to it after time wear 24/7 . It hard at first but you'll get use to it just wet little keep try go sleep .

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    I actually find it quite comfortable to sleep while wet. The warmth adds an extra sense of comfort. It's a little bit harder for me to sleep in LOTS of padding. If it's just regular padding, it's actually easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Most of the time I wake up feeling more well rested while sleeping padded/wet.


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    Quote Originally Posted by diapersocal View Post
    Most of the time I wake up feeling more well rested while sleeping padded/wet.
    That's definitely the same with me. I sleep better diapered than not.

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    When I use to start and stop wearing diapers at night (up to when I was in the 8th grade), I to would find it hard to sleep well for about the first two to three weeks after I started again. It would be even hard to wet them at first, and then that would get easier and easier as the nights went by. By the end of the first month, I would just wake up and start wetting, and even fall asleep before I was done (I think). I have been wearing diapers at night now for over two years without stopping, and for the last few months, I don't know if I am waking up all the way to wet them or not (they are always wet in the morning, and most of the time I don't remember waking up). I sometimes think I dream about wetting them and I do in my dream. Or I am just wetting in my sleep now. I really can't tell which it is. And I am sleeping "like a baby" all night long.

    At first when I realized I was probably wetting in my sleep, I was thrilled about it. But every once-in-awhile as I think about it, I wonder if I will be able to go back to continency again if and when I want to. Or will I always be alittle afraid to sleep without diapers on. So it is not as thrilling to me now.


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