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Thread: What is the worst song you ever heard in your life?

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    Hands down The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. Ick!

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    Hot in herre by Nelly. I never really liked that song for some reason. :|

    Quote Originally Posted by diaperbobby View Post
    I vote for "Grandma got run over by a reindeer," to me a nauseating thing from the "Christmas" season.

    Quote Originally Posted by AustinTheLionhearted View Post
    For me, I would write off the entire Rap genre!
    Also, these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchtopK View Post
    My candidate goes to "the lion sleeps tonight" by the tokens. It kills me that all the oldie stations love this song, but never play anything from the psychedelic era. it's almost like the years between 1967 thru 1970 didn't exist. I would like to start an oldies station that only played music from that genre.
    A friend of mine is dj and part 15 , that's his groove on his show

    Part 15 means he is low power FM broadcaster in his neighborhood as well and does a 2 hour show 5 days a week for a regular station , he is retired and does it just for fun .
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    I know it's a cliche, but Baby by Justin Beiber. I really don't like him. I don't like any song he's ever released. But Baby is literally the only song that's so high pitched, and so squealing that it physically hurts my ears. Give him credit. His new music still sucks, but at least now it sucks in just the generic "Blah. Boring background music. Generic crap. I can at least think of worse stuff and just ignore this". But his pre-puberty stuff was just THE WORST and Baby is the only one so high pitched that it feels like the sound waves are stabbing my eardrums.

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    There are just too many for me to enumerate. As a teenager and a guitarist in a group, I couldn't stand anything by the Doors - and still can't.

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    To me as a young person I find Nikki minaj, a few Taylor swifts, edd shiram is depressing but good in a way, little mix has gone crap and slutty in my eyes and a few other songs like "I would like to get you know you baby", "I know you love but I don't care baby" and I don't get the song "slow hands" but it's not cringe worthy, I just hate the auto tune sounding songs, they is no talent any more.i can't stand how Nikki minaj looks, she looks and acts so fake and her "anaconda" song is so tasteless and it makes me cringe so badly because it's basically about her ass.

    I really hate little mixes song" touch" it's really annoying with the auto tune voices, they sound like aliens or robots. I can hear their actual singing which is good but I can hear the auto tune when they sing "just a touch-iaaa, just a touch-IAA sounds like their real voices but when they sing "it's enough to control my whole body" it sounds like aliens are singing it.

    Like the "I don't care baby" song she sounds like a alien through out the same song, like the lryrics " I know you are fooling around , I just wanna dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, I know you what me but I don't care baby" it sounds like a machine is singing the song for her. But anyway I just find the song irrating and it grates on my nerves.

    Don't want any fights but that's just my opinions.

    But my favourite singers and songs which I think is good is the Katy perry, lady gaga, Coldplay and pink, the wanted hone they were together or Stil, around at least were good tasteful songs and lively. Pink was good and still is good but hers were more "rebel" and hard times kind of music, but she had some upbeat ones too, cold play has a good mixture but I think there songs are mostly feel good songs like "hymn for the weekend" and I liked " I want something just like this", "paradise" is a good song but I just relised it has a slight depressing meaning to it. Lady gaga is crazy, she may or may not of done auto tune but I didn't sound aweful and her songs were lively and happy, same as Katy perry, Katy did some nice ones like "unconditionally" and "this is part of me" which have nice messages behind it of being yourself and reminding you of love in unconditionally. Hers were lively and I liked her "roar" about her self confidence. I like songs t have meanings behind it and are lively.

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    Justin Biebers newer songs I like, I like the lyrics "all the times you rained apon my parade" and "if you think you are still holding on, you should go love yourself" but yes I hated "baby" I thought he was a girl when I first heard him!

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    I neglected to mention in the OP how the discussion came up about the worst songs we ever heard. I found a new cable station called Vintage TV which plays music and videos from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. I usually have it playing as background music if I'm surfing the internet or responding to e-mails.

    While a lot of the old stuff they play is really good, I was forced to listen to "Dancing Queen" by Abba twice in the same week. I hate the song, hate the group, but I could not, could not, aboslutely could not get that song out of my head until days later. It kept playing in my mind, taunting me. It drove me nuts. Anyway, I was telling my friends about it which led to our discussion about the worst songs ever recorded.

    So, first I'd like to say, I still don't think any of the suggested songs in this thread so far are quite as bad as Yoko Ono. They just don't have the same cringe factor. So let's ramp it up and find the truly deplorable.

    Secondly: Here's the miserable piece of fluff that started the whole debate:

    Dancing Queen by Abba:

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