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    Default Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm Kevin. I'm from Mississauga (right next to Toronto), Canada. Currently, I'm finishing up my first year in university (University of Guelph for anyone who knows the area) in the exciting field of microbiology (OK, maybe fun isn't the best word, but it has its moments)! I do not wear diapers 24/7 mostly because I could never get away with it in my groups of friends (actually, because of my room-mate I haven't worn diapers for almost a year ).

    And ya, that's pretty much me!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlikra View Post
    Fascinating subject you've chosen
    Haha thanks


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    Welcom though I live in Virginia, my family has a place up on Lake Harris, so I know and love Canada. I hope this site meets your needs. A year is a long time to go. I think it would drive me crazy.

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    Oh I know that lake, just off highway 69, right? My family's got a place on lake Penache if you know it, about an hour-hour and a half north. And yes, I am going a little crazy without diapers (although I've gotten away with wetting my pants a few times on laundry days )

    c_rat, great to meet another Canadian What part of Ontario are you from if you don't mind mine asking?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Thallis View Post
    Canucks are going down this week.
    We'll see about that Thallis..

    Welcome to Adisc! Yay, more Canadians.

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    Yay, We Canadians shall soon take over the world known as ADISC! *laughs evilly*


    or maybe not...

    but hey, welcome!
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    Welcome to the Site! Like Jon93 said, yay, more Canadians, there's always room for more Canadians!

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