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Thread: Does looking at bright light help you sneeze?

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    Default Does looking at bright light help you sneeze?

    Yes for me, whenever I need to sneeze I look towards the sun (not directly at it of course), or at a light in the house, and it works. I don't understand why but apparently this is true for about 20% of the population. Does it work for you?

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    It doesn't help me to sneeze...

    But when I used to take the bus home (I drive now), every single time I'd walk outside and it would be sunny, if I happened to get a blast of sunlight in my face, I'd have to sneeze.

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    I do it everytime I get one of those that need help over the edge. Works like a charm

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    Yes, and thinking about cows and elephants helps to keep my from sneezing. I know...sounds silly.

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    I find that sticking things in my nose makes me sneeze. ( Like the end of an unsharpened pencil.. if you scratch that plate thing with it you will have to sneeze )

    I'm a strange person for even saying this lol.

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