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    If you had 2 buttons on your body, one that would make you not have control of your bladder when active, and one for bowels when active. There are 2 one for each, you can activate and deactivate when you wanted. Would you use one or both.

    I would use the one for bladder a lot (probably only when at home). Probably would not do it all the time, even though I do try to wear diapers all the time.

    So would you use them, use one of them, and how often.

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    iwould usee the blader one probably 90% of the time 10% bowles

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    I would use both at home all the time (if I moved out) or both when I'm home alone

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    I'd use the bladder one sometimes, I don't think I'd ever push the bowel one, it's not really my thing.

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    I'd use the bladder one a good deal of the time when I'm diaper(which is a couple of times a week), but I'd almost never use the bowel one, since it's more difficult to clean up.

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    I'd only use the bladder occasionally, mainly because i like the idea of having control while wearing. While temporary incontince sounds enticing, the simple fact a flood could make the diaper could leak would suck. I stop every now and then when i'm wetting to give the diaper a chance to absorb. I'd proboably never touch the bowel button though.

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    Bladder most of the time. Bowels occasionally, after I've forgotten how badly it smells.

    Imagine being at the doctor's office and hearing him say, "What are these here for?" *push*.

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