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Thread: I am SO angry right now!!! (M-rated stuff)

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    Default I am SO angry right now!!! (M-rated stuff)

    Well, today, my computer started giving me a lot of problems, so I decided to back everything important up, and wipe my drive...I have a personal folder that all of my stuff goes into...I use TrueCrypt for my porn, which makes a file of a certain size where everything is contained...Well, I discovered 5 minutes ago that my backup program decided not to back that file up too...That's ~30GB of porn...I am SO angry at my own stupidity...It's not that I lost the file, it's that it's going to take a long time to get back, and I was so STUPID as to not check!!!! Gaaaaahhhh!!!!!! Just needed to get that off my chest...

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    Sad days, man. I feel for ya :C

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    Well, there's always data recovery software. And you may have an old backup somewhere. But yeah. Good luck finding new fantasies.

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    Don't trust backup programs - do it manually! That's what I do, because if I forget something, I can only blame myself.

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    Dude, I laughed. That sucks though.

    Oh well, maybe you'll find some better stuff now

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    I hope you aren't too angry due to what the content actually is.

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