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Thread: they arrived!

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    Thumbs up they arrived!

    wow... i am so totally impressed. I ordered two packs of bambinos and I am totally impressed! seriously... wow. I just put one on a few minutes ago and i am totally digging this diaper.
    the only con so far is that it seems to be a little loose around the sides of my butt cheeks. thankfully i dont mess in mine, but thats about it.
    i went to the bathroom before putting this one, i am now regretting that a bit. So, i made myself a pot of coffee and will be here for a few more hours tonight.

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    I knew it! Spokane girl, hows it going?

    Anyway, how was the box they came in? Discreet?

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    I do know spokane, wa. good area. been there many times.
    The box was discreet. on the return label it has "The Bottom Half, LLC"; which any person could google and find out what it is. If they wanted to be like super discreet, they would create a fictional business name like "toy car, llc" and then if anyone googled it; it would come up with a million one results. But, for the most part discreet.

    Update: I have had this diaper on for like 7 hours already. Gone in it like 4 or 5 mild times and its still going. I dont like that the stuff inside falls to the lower crotch when it gets wet. If they could section off the areas so when one area is full it would go to the other areas, which would make this diaper a "weekend delight"! But, I am gonna keep going on this thing and see how far I can strech it. The nice part is that it does not smell. I love the crinkle of it. And when it gets wet, it puffs up like anyother diaper. Now only if I could keep the member down (its so soft in there)!

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    Would you say banbinos are more comfortable than the other adult brands? What about stretching or shrinking to fit your body movement? Are the tapes strong?

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    Yeah same, Bambinos are pretty awesome, however I noticed their sizing is a bit different from others. When I purchase the Abena diapers I can get the med size, however with Bambinos it's the large size I need to get. Hmmm.... Maybe I grew?

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    I really love the Bambinos. I switched to them after using Abena X-plus for a long while and I must say that they are infinitely more comfortable and will hold just as much.

    I've tried most every brand available. Depend, Tranquility, Tena, Abena, Attends, Molicare, Secure, Dry 24/7, etc. Bambino is more comfortable than all of them... and it is just as absorbant as any of the "X-plus" or "Overnight" varieties. With the new lower price... they really can't be beaten.
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    The only other brands I have tried thus far is the tranquility. they were ok. They were really bulky and made me sweat a lot. they got uncomfortable really quick. I had leakage issues with the tranquility too. They didnt get up in the groin as a diaper should.
    However, the bambino got right up there in the groin to keep all the good stuff where it should be... in. They also have a great liner to guide the urine say you get too much going on in the front. The bambino I put on last night I wore till 8 am this morning. I went in it like 7 or 8 mild times and then when I woke up, instead of doing the normal make pee when you wake up thing, I decided I would let loose in the bambino and really take it for a test drive. I let er go and it did pretty well. I noticed that sometime during the night i created a small hole, so some of that gel like substance had come out; not too much though to cause a mess or anything. So when I was done, I was done using the diaper, since i had to go to work en all. The front was soaked, no leakage. however the plastic was kind of clammy; but not wet. My sheets were dry, but my butt was soaked with sweat. But, in looking in the diaper, front was soaked, soaked it all up, but the back still had a ton of room left to be wet in. (hints the pocket idea) to use the full thing.
    I am going to give it a test run maybe this weekend or the next and see how much this thing can really hold.
    This diaper holds a ton! Just be prepared to carry some of the load between your legs when walking as it tends to sag. But when you sit down and that just all puffs up between your legs... oh wow; bliss!
    hope this helps.
    since I too and on a quest for that perfect diaper... any suggestions?

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    If you want to use more of the middle/rear padding and less of the front... tuck that thing downward so when you wet the pee will flow to other places.

    Ask any mom who has ever changed a son's diaper... point it down for better results.

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    I get paid 2morrow (my mom loads up a walmart money card thingy with 50 bucks at the 15 of every month, my allowance) And im thinking about using it to get a bunch of bambinos. I'm pretty thin, so how small are the small sizes?
    I think ill just get a sample first, see how i like them, then get a bunch. But i've heard so much about them, i can't wait lol X]

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