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Thread: Just letting everyone aware.

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    Smile Just letting everyone aware.

    Hey everyone I've been gone for some time as you guys know. Got grounded for like 3 weeks so haven't been able to check Adisc lately. Also I got 2 new editions to my stash! I got myself a paci and my very one bottle! I know I don't like pacis because I'm more of a thumb sucker but, the more I use it the more natural and calming it feels. On top of all that I'm in Puerto Rico till Friday! One last thing, my friend in school called me cute and he told me he's bi! Well that's all I've been up to lately.

    *Just noticed I was reverted to a newbie dang that stinks..*

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    Don't worry your status should update and change back, within 15 mins.

    Nice, to hear your ungrounded.

    How you liking your bottle and paci?

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    Welcome back, I was wondering where you went.

    Puerto Rico...lucky.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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