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Thread: Awesome Computer Geekyness.

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    Default Awesome Computer Geekyness.

    I felt like showing off a bit...

    Flickr- Details/Specs

    Closeup of the last image there: Inside the Rig.

    Now You see me.

    Now You Don't.


    Some Older Shots


    Television (recently moved into my room after fire )

    Some more oldish ones, now relocated into the attic and still put to use.

    Sooooo yeah I was feeling geeky and bored at the same time.

    I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 250. The number is how many computers I own in my name. Can you guess who much?

    PS: see the Flickr link at the top of the page to view details and specs of my machines you just saw.

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    Wow, that's a lot of PCs!

    And for how many you have -- depends on whether you are counting computers or PCs. If you're counting computers you have stuff like calculators, cell phones, cars, microwaves, DVD players, etc. to count, so probably a good number!

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    Woah! Pretty amazing!
    Didn't you once say you modded a PS3 into a fully-functional PC or something? Maybe I'm imagining things or thinking of someone else though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    Didn't you once say you modded a PS3 into a fully-functional PC or something?
    To my limited knowledge. There is an option of installing Linux on the box. And I think it doesn't really need much hacking, because the guys at Sony thought that it would be a good idea to add a feature to install your own OS.

    However, Windows cannot go on it as windows has only been compiled for i386 and their 64 bit cousins machines. And since the Cell processor was built by IBM, there is no surprises that it would be the PowerPC architecture. The stuff they had in Macs awhile back.

    My number of PCs in my house is 11. 9 of them I own. However only 5 are currently working, the rest are spares.

    What comes of a lot of computers comes a Network...

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    Yes, the Cell processor is in fact, based on the PowerPC architecture.

    Ubuntu linux runs fine on the PS3, they've released a special version just for it.

    To my knowledge, an early version of Windows NT was compiled for the PowerPC architecture, when it was first announced

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    Hmm..what does one person need that many computers for? Some day in the future, all humans will grow a second set of arms and hands and another set of eyes so we can use two screens and two keyboards at the same time


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    I've got 5 computers at the moment. 3 of em are fully working (laptop and primary desktop and backup desktop). One is lacking a hard drive as it crashed and the other one might actually be working, but i doubt it as its been in my basement for quite a while now which is damp, but its super old so i dun care much about that one... any of my other computers i would use before going to it.

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    The main thing that keeps me from getting any more systems is the heat! My bedroom has crappy A/C and I like it cool in the winter and summer...

    My systems:
    12" 1.5ghz powerbook
    Acer travelmate 230 (1.7ghz cel, 512mb, 40gb, 14")
    Main compy (x2 3800+, 2gb, 700gb tot, 20" wide and 19" lcds)
    Media center (p4 2.4ht, 1gb, 320gb, hooked up to TV)
    workshop computer (cel 1.6, 512mb, 20gb, 15" lcd)

    There's other computers in my house, but they aren't technically mine...

    Dad's comp (Semp 3100+, 512mb, 120gb, 19" lcd)
    Mom's comp (Cel 1.7ghz, 512mb, 80gb, 19" lcd)
    Sister's comp (xp2600+, 1gb, 440gb tot, 17" lcd)
    Family media center (semp2600+, 512mb, 640gb, shares a kvm with dad's comp, hooked up to family TV)
    VDR Satellite emu box (p3 750, 256mb, 40gb, shares on the kvm)

    The family media center *had* more hard drive space but my 400gb anime drive DIED this weekend :furious:

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    Quote Originally Posted by andysetra View Post
    The family media center *had* more hard drive space but my 400gb anime drive DIED this weekend :furious:
    That is crap... I loved it when I set up a raid on my Compaq server to know that I cannot really lose my data if one Hard Drive fails. So When I goto Uni, I will try and ask my Parents poiletly for money to Build a quiet yet, fast and Big File server. Set up with raided Hard drives. After all, my course is Computer Engineering. So it would make sense that this is a vital piece of equipment

    Anyway, my Current Machines.

    ==Within Touching Distance==

    IBM 300PL - 500MHz P3), 640MB SDRAM 100Mhz. 13Gig HDD
    Compaq Proliant - 2x 500MHz P3. 4x 64MB 100MHz SDRAM. 4x 18.2GB Ultra2 SCSI (First multi Processor System )
    Compaq Proliant - 500Mhz p2 2x 64MB 100MHz SDRAM 2x 18.2GB WideUltra Scsi.
    My Desktop - 2.4 GHz Athalon 64, 2x 1GB 677MHz DDR2, 1x 500GB SATA2 HDD, 1x 40Gig ATA 1x 60Gig ATA.
    My Laptop - Insipiron 1501 - 1.5 Ghz Turion64x2, 2x512MB DDR2, 80Gig SATA HDD.

    ==Else where in House==
    Neither Of these do I own, Nor Remeber the Specs of

    Office Computer
    Brother's Computer
    Mum's Laptop

    And numerous other in storage.

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