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Thread: When one becomes obsessed with diapers

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    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and I have not really discussed my fetish with anyone online before, but it is a relief to find a group that will know what is bothering me right now. I feel sort of strange writing this out, but I feel I would like some input on this matter. Thank you for reading.

    I've been interested and wearing diapers since a very very young age(I'm now 32) and would steal baby diapers and rub in them..ect ect as a kid. I discovered adult diapers and became in Heaven and never looked back.. I enjoy trying new diapers I find online... The excitement of how it will look, feel and smell is great.

    I the past few years I believe I have become way to obsessed with everything to do with diapers. It started when I dressed in an Attends for halloween wearing nothing but the Attends and a shirt. Everyone though it was funny and no one ever felt threatened or embarrassed by my public diaper wearing. I never act pervertish when doing this.. I simply say I am on a dare and people simply laugh or even want a picture.

    I do this on Halloween and for Valentines day I dress as cupid simply in a white t-shirt and a thick, doubled Attends with a couple of pads for stuffers.
    Again people just think I am being funny and once a girl wanted her pis taken with me.. her hand touching my diaper..Yes I was stimulated and yes I know very well it was absolutely wrong to let myself get that deep into the experience. I do feel a lot of shame, but I continue to do it.

    To this day I feel the need to have something to do with diapers every day.. I wear them under sweat pants during the day making it obvious that I have a diaper on... People usually don't say anything, but on occasion someone would come up and tell me in a caring way that I am "showing"
    I go to thrift stores in hopes some diapers are on the shelf so I can wait until a cute chick passes by and I will buy the diapers making sure she sees me.

    I've also been purposely wetting my pants in public.. not often, but have done it about 3 times... Once in front of a cute chick holding a baby with just it's diaper on... I was holding a pack of Depends so she would know I was probably really incontinent. She simply told me that its ok and that she is not offended(I was telling her I was sorry)

    Well I have become obsessed with this kind of activity and it has been a hinder in my life... Anytime I see a diaper add or anything to do with diapers my mind instantly needs to have a diaper or engage in this Lewd activity. I am afraid of getting caught by someone I know or possibly arrested... I am not proud of this activity.

    I have become obsessive in my fetish and I know I have to control it a lot better. If anyone here has went through this please let me know.
    I prefer not to be slammed in the face either.. I know you guys frown on people who take the diaper fetish to this extreme, but at least I am wanting to stop and get help.

    Thank you.

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    We don't really frown upon extremeness with the fetish. I can only see harm if any of your activities bring harm to the name of it.

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    Don't take any of this as a "slamming", but as advice:

    For getting arrested, as long as you don't wear a very exposed diaper in very public areas on any day other halloween/valintines day (which I would advise you not to do, as your friends may relize you like wearing them) you should be fine.

    Don't wet your pants in public without a diaper on. Other people don't want to see a man with wet pants. You seem to be an exebitionist (spelling?). I would say, do what you want as long as you don't make others feel uncomfortable.

    As for diapers taking up your every thought, I'd recommend a hobby. Something that gets you away from diapers and helps take up most of your thoughts. Hopefully that will work.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wegs View Post
    . . .

    As for diapers taking up your every thought, I'd recommend a hobby. Something that gets you away from diapers and helps take up most of your thoughts. Hopefully that will work.

    Hope this helps.
    I've got to agree with this one.

    Our minds are naturally looking for multiple things to do. (Haven't you ever been bored out of your mind by that one repetitive action you had to do for a long time?)

    Find something else that interests you. Commit yourself to doing it for a set amount of time each day. You'll quickly find that you enjoy doing something different every once in awhile.

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    to me it seems like your problem isn't being obsessed with diapers so much as being obsessed with exposure. there's nothing really wrong with being obsessed with diapers; if you want to wear them every day (and you can afford it) then there's no reason why you shouldn't. it's when you start involving other people in your fetish who never asked to be involved that you start to tread on shifting sands. it's not ethical to involve anyone other than a consenting partner in sexual stuff, whether they're aware of it or not, and it's also not ethical to put people in uncomfortable situations and expose them to things they might not wish to see.

    stop wetting your pants in public. if you wear diapers in public make sure that they're well-concealed. but as long as you're careful to maintain some standard of public decency, i don't think you should worry too much about being obsessed with diapers. go hog-wild, and wear them as often as you like. as long as you're not involving other people against their will, there's nothing to worry about.

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    Ditto on getting a hobby.... True, diapers as a fetish can get out of hand if not dealt with properly... It's funny that once you want to wear needs to be in moderation and in control if you want to do it as a fetish... In other words "playing the game" with your fetish then returning back to a "civilized" aspect when not engaging in the diaper fetish.

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    Yea. I fourth that I guess. There's got to be another hobby that can fill for that. Football maybe? I think you may also have something with exhibitionism. If you've not seen a therapist it might be a good idea to talk to one to get advice from professionals. That's my 4 cents.

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