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    Okay, I have the resources to order diapers online, BUT my paypal account has my dads credit card # on it and the account is registered in his name. Though I am the only user of the account. If I order diapers, will the purchase show up on his credit card, even though it will be purchased with funds in my paypal account? Will it show his name anywhere on the purchase, link him back to it, or have him know I bought diapers in anyway?

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    For me, it shows up as "Electronic/ach debit paypal inst xfer" followed by the numbers of what the transaction is. If he were to go onto the Paypal, it would show more about the transaction

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    I'm pretty sure as long as he doesn't actually go into and sign in then he won't know. The charge on my bank statement shows as "Transfer to Paypal account" or something in my bank account so I would assume it's the same for credit and debit cards.
    And it will send an email that is linked to the account telling the email recipient what has been paid for. So maybe you can change the email from your dad to you.
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    Use the feature "Add Funds from Bank Account" and then make your transaction from your PayPal balance. It's not possible to erase your PayPal order history so you will have a paper trail if you dad asks to see a record of your past transactions.

    A pre-paid credit card would be a safer route.

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    If you have the funds avaliable in your PayPal account and no payment is taken from the credit card, he won't know a thing.

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    ya, I have full control of the account, since it is for my business. The email is my email address. His CC is only on there, b/c paypal needed a credit card.

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    I am not sure cause most companies will also use a discreet name like bambinos go under the name of bhginc i think..... it stands for the bottom half group inc. so find a company that will bill that way
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    If you have the funds IN the paypal, then it doesn't affect your credit card. It will only show up on the credit card if the money is taken from the card.

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