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Thread: Fearful of the future

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    Default Fearful of the future

    This has kind of been on my mind for awhile, and I couldnt find anyother topic previously posted on here regarding this.

    As a young man with so much life ahead of me. I am fearful that if I continue with my career and persue other dreams of a political life; I am fearful that because I use my credit card to make ab/dl purchases that one day there would be that possibility of someone knowing. so like in 20 years, if I like ran for congress or something... someone, somewhere would have a database of names; and just happen to enter mine and then sell me out to the washington post or something...
    I dont know if I should be as fearful of the future or just calm down?!

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    It's probably just long as you're not plastering your name, e-mail, address, credit card, social security number, etc. all over AB/DL stuff, you should be fine.

    Here's an idea, though, don't know if it will work for you or not: if you're worried about credit card information, you can just transfer some account money into one of those Paypals, and then transfer THAT money into another Paypal registered under a different e-mail, then order whatever from whomever, then the companies have no way of getting your card info at all (if they accept Paypal). The only problem would be a shipping address, but if you go as far as to use a pseudonym, well, that's kind of odd.

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    Don't worry, champ! Deviancy is a favourite pastime of many politicians. You'll be fine. ;D

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    I had the same concern for a while, but I don't worry about it much for two reasons.

    First, I should acknowledge I don't have much expertise in the law surrounding records of private transactions. That aside, I'm pretty sure records detailing /what/ you buy are nobody's business (assuming what you bought was legal), whereas what you owe or have paid is. I might be wrong about this.

    Second, I've had my privacy violated unethically before; some anonymous person worked pretty hard to try to get me in trouble. Thankfully, I didn't really have anything to hide. It resulted in an awkward, difficult conversation, but did not ultimately result in any negative consequences. (Ironically, the short term consequences seem to have been positive...)

    Overall, you should certainly calm down. Long term outcomes can hardly be predicted, much less altered.

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