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Thread: Any one up for a spot of tea, then?

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    Default Any one up for a spot of tea, then?

    It seems like these parties are popping up all over the U.S. Damn, I thought we were to brainwashed to do it, but... This is great.

    So, anyone going?

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    e: i do like tea though!
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    I might go to the one in Sacramento, that is if my dad wants to go.

    My reasoning for going would be my dislike of all this massive spending. I really don't feel it takes 3 trillion dollars let alone 1 trillion to fix the US, however nearly anyone in Washington thinks that's what it takes. That and one of my favorite Fox anchor's is going to be in Sacramento anyways.

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    I take it none of you guys know what I'm talking about?

    Basicly, there are parties popping up around the U.S., which are protesting all this mindless spending of the government and what not. There are probably many other reasons, but I need to study on that a bit more. Any questions?

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    What? I don't get it. I thought the last one happened 234 years ago. Uhh its a recession so this is a possibility. Hope there isn't a fighting militia out to stop it.

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    Yes, I am going to one of them. In a nutshell, it's to protest this massive government spending and to tell the government that we, as taxpayers, are outraged by the massive spending by the Obama administration. I never thought I'd be a protester, but I feel I have no choice at this point, something needs to be done as Obama and the democrats are spending like crazy, and at some point, someone needs to pay for all of this.

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    Anyone up for some teabagging, then?

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    Right ho, well, I encourage anyone going to read today's copy of YAD the web column. I don't like the spending, but I realize it's our best way to get us out of the giant hole of manure that Dubya left us in. So alas, I shall not be joining you. I shall be the one snickering in my car as I pass the pitifully small protests.


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