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    The other day I bought a set of buttplugs to try out; the first one went in and stayed for a time, and it came out with no problems. A couple days later, I took the next one in the set (1.12" in diameter at max) of 4, and did as I had with the first one, lubing it before inserting. However afterwards I notice a bit of blood on the TP after I wipe. It was no more pain than normal to have pooed either, so IDK whats going on tbh. No blood is visible in my stool, and the blood is spotty at worst.
    How long should I wait for the bleeding to subside before I should go see a doctor..?

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    This is not a medical recommendation, please use your best judgment. That said, in my experience, a little blood is something that can happen. I wouldn't rush off to the doctor for a nosebleed and by the same token, I'd try to be reasonable about any anal bleeding. If it persists, I'd be concerned but a little blood here and there (depending on the circumstances) isn't too surprising. Give yourself a chance to heal up before embarking on the next adventure.

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    Thanks Trevor, will do. I will give it a few days, amd if it continues I'll make am appointmemt woth the doc so he can have a look at me. Just worried about parents finding out, as I still live w them, amd they have, amd need not know about this issue if J can manage that possibly

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    Living with your folks a bit of caution when sitting on the commode doing business - afterward check the back of the seat for traces of blood.
    If you don't see and clean it up and your folks do they may have some concerns about what going on ?
    Occasionally my skin disease acts up and traces of blood are left on the rear of the toilet seat - I live alone no problem but I see it know what
    is going on and clean up no problem but in your case well enough noted said.

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    Blood on the butt hole is not uncommon, and rarely a serious problem. You may have a small hemorrhoid which tend to bleed easily but not really a concern unless painful. Take it easy and don't force your poop.
    Most importantly be your own best authority about your body.

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    Thanks for the great advice @Isle and @babylock1, I appreciate the advice on both counts, amd will do!
    No pain during pooping, and when I fart no blood comes out on underwear. Just is there when I wipe recently..
    If it is a hemorroid, how should I go about dealing with it..?

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    See a medical professional - it may be as simple as a OTC Preparation "H" ointment to fix - minimal cost maximum relief !

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    I suffer from some occasional cracking and bleedin ... down there. It's not hemorrhoids (had it checked out) just a bit of dryness. After anal play (dildoes, butt plugs, please use safe toys only!) especially (but at other times as well) I may have some blood spotting for a day or two. These usually show up as bright red fresh blood, right at the ... entrance, usually picked up by toilet paper, never enough to stain underwear.

    I'd only be concerned if it's a lot of blood or continues after a couple days of givin' you bum a break. However you should see your primary care doctor if it happens again to establish a baseline of what's normal for you.

    I use Prep H cream and wipes when it happens, and alternate using just a dollop of Vaseline to keep the area moist and protected. Be careful though not to mix Vaseline and certain kinds of toys, as the toys can be damaged and they can become unsafe to use.

    Don't fear, a little finicky rosebud hasn't kept me from completely enjoying the bottom side delights! ^///^

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    My behind bleeds... pretty much everyday? It's a bit of a vicious cycle, from hard poops and scratching at the area.

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    The butt hole is a sensitive area and it doesn't take much to make it bleed. There is a Preparation H aloe cream which can help with dryness and irritation. Also, I would,'t use your plugs every day. Let your hole heal in between play dates.

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