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Thread: Happy Zombie Jesus Day

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    Default Happy Zombie Jesus Day

    Yay, Easter . The day where Jesus rises from the grave, to turn into a bunny and come to each house to poop eggs of candy in random spots for all the little children to find =D

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    Happy Easter Pojo.

    The best time is just after easter, when you can get pounds of candy for ridiculously cheap dicounts.

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    I was never a bu-Wait. Gotcha. ...Little children? Oh! You mean me.

    Bring on the choccy! ^.^ ...WAIT! I'm supposed to eat things I poop out? T_T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error404 View Post
    ...WAIT! I'm supposed to eat things I poop out? T_T
    Dogs do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Dogs do
    Yaays!!!! Happy Easter!!!

    ^That makes it okay then!!! lol

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    In all seriousness, Happy Easter everyone. For those of the Christian faith, this is the most important day of the year. For everyone else... enjoy the candy.

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    Happy Zombie Jesus Day! yay soon all the stores will have cheap candy! :P

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    Easter is a very odd day and is one of the most change religious holidays even more then Christmas it seems. I am willing to bet most kids younger then 12 can not even tell how Easter came about or why there's a "rabbit" hiding egg's everywhere.

    In any case the likelihood that Jesus rose from the tomb today is unlikely. However I can see why we just picked a day to celebrate it on rather then idiots like me going on about how odd it all is. <_>

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    Butterfly Mage


    Well, you know that the root word "Easter" is actually "Ostara", a Wiccan spring holiday. But it's all good. Easter and Ostara sort of celebrate similar ideas. In Easter, Jesus rises from death to life. In Ostara, the god transforms from being the lord of shadow into the lord of light.

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