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    Default tents

    who here likes sleeping in tents went going camping:hike:

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    Nope, when i go camping i sleep at a holiday inn express :p

    i love sleeping in tents, it gives it a outdoor feeling

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    Oh man. Tents. I hate them so much! If it weren't for the fact that they keep the larger bugs out of your sleeping bags I'd do away with them! I suppose it's because I feel enclosed and that sucks. I also can never get to sleep when I have to sleep outdoors, so all camping trips are pretty hellish for me. I've never been on a camping trip that I've had fun.

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    tents are fun have you read those things that tell you how many people can fit in it my friend has a big tent i said it can fit 10 people we can barly fit five with matress and sleeping bags and were all pretty skinny

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    Tents are alright, but why sleep in a tent when you have a motor coach?

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    I love camping and I love tents.

    We used to re-enactment camping, living out days with a multitude of others wearing period clothing and going about their daily processes the way that people from the 1770s - 1830s would. Although there's a lot of fun in going out to be in the wilderness, there's even more fun in doing it the way your grandparents' great-grandparents' might! We turn cell-phones off and leave the electronic behind -- when there's only the stars, the canvas tents, and the camp-fire around, it's such a liberating and fascinatingly enjoyable experience!

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    You just can't get snug in a tent... v_v

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    I hate tents. I have never been camping myself just because, and when I go to summer camp, I sleep in cabins, with comfy mattresses and air conditioning.

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    Default Pampared pussys

    What ever happened to going out and roughing it hey, I enjoy camping and have tented it in the snow, wet weather and in remote place all good fun. Though I also like a holiday at some resort too, but camping is fun especially with some friends.

    Anyway cheers


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    I thought this was about something TOTALLY different! Kidding...

    My dad thinks I like camping...Its really boring....if not for the GREAT burgers (we grab some ground beef and make the patties ourselves), then I'd be like "Duuuuude..."


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