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Thread: Any abdls that were considered popular in school?

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    @Cereal: I believe it. You have a great sense of humor. =)

    @MaliCat581: That's just horrifying. I can't believe how cruel people can be. =(

    As for me; I was the quiet kid whose idea of an icebreaker was dispensing unsolicited science factoids. Other kids called me "retarded" and "weird" and even some of the teachers singled me out despite the fact I wasn't even a trouble maker. So no, I was not one of the popular kids.

    Things did get better in high school though. I wasn't popular (I could barely muster the nerve to initiate a conversation) but the other kids seemed to accept me for the shy, slightly odd person I was. I also had my designated safe person. He was part of a clique of nerdy stoners, and thus so was I.

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    Un-popular in elementary and middle school. Picked on like crazy, escalating to serious bullying in middle school.

    Standoffish outsider with teeny tiny weird clique in High School.

    Successful and many close friends now as an adult...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommycombs View Post
    I'm sure the fact that my former love interest was from Ohio has something to do with it, but I always say the state is full of idiots.

    Back on topic, I was always homeschooled. I think had I gone to school, one of two things would have happened. I would have a)developed more normally or b)had a terrible time and got my autism noticed a lot earlier.

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    I remember some kids in Ohio would routinely make fun of Californians about how weird they were.

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    Popular all through school but never developer any abdl tendencies until my early 20s

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    While I wasn't popular as I was way too shy, quiet, and didn't really interact that much with others, I certainly wasn't bullied that much (There was a little bit as a Freshman, but most of my bullying was in Elementary & Middle School, and compared to other peoples bullying stories on this site, it was pretty damn mild), and people for the most part, seemed to like me. I guess you could say I was classified as the Mysterious Loner Dude. I may not have been a popular kid, but I did occasionally speak to the other popular kids from time to time, who were nice and seemed to like me. I know I was invited to a couple of their parties, but made some excuse since I was way too shy to socialize with them, didn't really want to hang out, plus, I was terrified of what my parents would've done if they caught me drinking underage. A couple of them even friended me on Facebook, so I was "friends" with them until I unfriended them a couple years ago since we hadn't spoke since Graduation, and that was 5 years ago. I probably could've officially been a popular kid if I was more outgoing, willing to be in their cliques, and accepted their invitation to their parties. But I was fine the way I was as the mysterious loner dude. It all worked out.

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    Don't have good memories at all of school until college. I was bullied quite a bit in middle school by upper-classmen. I did end up getting in with the "popular" crowd. I succumbed to the pressure to smoke weed and drink with them, until we were all caught, I ratted some of them out, and they disowned me. C'est la vie. It actually encouraged me to hang out with more nerds like me, and lo and behold, my grades improved. What a concept!

    I transferred to a new school system for high school. I wasn't really bullied at all in high school. I wasn't popular - far from it - but existed in sort of a accepted way. I was a nerd, wasn't really ashamed of it, and worked several jobs outside of school as my family was poor so I didn't have time to party or fall in with the wrong crowd. I worked in emergency services in high school, too, and I think my brotherhood kept the bullies at bay. AFA diapers go, yup...I was diapered in high school! By the time I was in my junior year, I was wearing pretty much 24/7, except to work! Either the good old Attends made back then, or Goodnites XL. In college, I really became 24/7.

    Moral of the story for me was, I had to overcome a lot of BS, but turned out pretty OK, I think!

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    From an early age I've had a hard time fitting in because I can off as nerdy or too brainy. Elementary and middle school were brutal and I was bullied a fair amount. As I got into high school I began to mature into a more confident person, I learned to own my nerdish attributes as being a part of the fabric of who I am, and I was eventually elected student body president my senior year. While I was never mr popularity, as I've grown older I've been able to make peace with myself about who I truly am, and I've found other people want to be around me more when I'm self assured. Diapers and my abdl side have always been a deeply held secret of mine, and I wouldn't want to share this aspect of my life with anyone else now that I'm 30, and if my abdl side had been discovered when I was in middle school, I don't know if I could have ever recovered from that humiliation.

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