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Thread: Happy to be back!

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    Default Happy to be back!

    Hello everybody!

    I thought that, since the stage has been set, I might as well give out my own re-introduction!

    My name is Rance -- nothing creative, there, just using my first name -- and I've been a part of these forums for the past three years or so, give or take about a collective year of inactive time depending on what life has had going for me! Although it's a bit of a damper to lose all of the wonderful (and goofy) posts that have been made over the past few years, what's most important is that we're still all together and ready to help the community thrive once again!

    By profession, I'm an intake specialist for a state government agency in Maryland (that's in the United States, for those who live outside of it), and by hobby, I'm a musician and writer. It's a great pleasure to be a part of this forum and be around everybody here, as there are so many different points of view, and the people have always been splendid!

    That's pretty much it! I hope everybody is making themselves comfortably at home!

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    The forums just got a lot more awesome with that topic. :-D

    Humphrey Sez: Uncle Rance is back! YAY!

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    Our forums now have a little more juice to it! Welcome back, Rance!

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    Why aren't you ever on AIM anymoar?! >:{

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