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Thread: God vs. Religion

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    Default God vs. Religion

    Alright, hopefully this topic will generate some kind of thought.

    I know there are many people here who hold to their religion and will not stray, and this is not a way to try and make you stray from it. This is just thought. Keep your profanity and your ill mannered tempers out of this thread if you can because I really do not want to go off on a tangent.

    The preliminary question is this: Do you believe that God and religion are the same? Are they different? Do they belong even in the same category, why/why not? Can they even be compared, why or why not? And, do you think God even wants us to have a religion or does he just want us to have faith?

    These are hard questions that require a thought process, I know, I have gone over it for so many years. I am not one of faith nor am I one of God. I do not believe that there is a greater purpose and I do not believe that there is a man up there in the clouds who watches over me.

    Axioms (a common held belief that is considered true without proof) are very iffy for me. Iffy meaning, I think they are stupid. God is a nice thought though. Don't get me wrong. I would love to have someone to watch over me and make sure I was OK, but God in every sense seems very human to me- being a jealous god, being a merciless god, that I do not see a point in the concept- we all ready have over 6 billion people living on this planet, I don't think we need one more.

    For me, God and religion is extremely separate.

    On one side, I see God as this nice creator who loves everyone and is looking out for his children and so on and so forth. On the other side, I see Gos as religion preconceives him. As an asshole, to say the least. Someone who discriminates against minorities (homosexuals are one of the many targets,) a God who is selfish and only wants you to pray to him, a God who believes it is punishable by DEATH if you do not follow his rules, and a God who seems to be that one kid in the class who believes that he is funny by annoying the teacher when everyone around him just laugh along because they know they will be beaten up by him if they don't.

    For me, God and religion can not even compare. One is filled with thoughts of love and compassion, and another is filled with hate and disillusionment.

    My theory on why religion was created: God looked away for a few seconds to tend to all of the other planets in the solar system and when he looked back he uttered the words "I look away for like a second and you fuck shit up this much?"

    Religion to me is a constant struggle to who will get to heaven first. I feel as though there are so many people out there who are just begging to get rid of this religion aspect of their lives but can't because they believe they will go to Hell. Or when they get to heaven God will be sitting at a desk and say:

    "Wrong religion!"

    Pull a lever and you go straight to hell.

    I would be scared to! Thinking about it, that is. Religion is very scary to me. Religion controls nations. It starts wars. It is a motive to kill. It is scary.

    The bottom line is this:

    I do not believe in God. I do not know if he is real or not. But if he is, I hope with all my heart and soul that he is nothing like the bible says he is. I would hope that he loves and cherishes every single life he created. I would hope that he does not care what sexuality you were, what religion you believed in, how much money you have in your bank account, how many times you went to church- I would hope that if you were a good person and you always did what you thought was right, that you will be allowed in heaven and whatever else you might believe in when you die.


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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm happy to give you my view as a Wiccan.

    I think there is a single creative force that made the universe and causes all life to be able to function. In Wicca, we call that creative force the Goddess and God. However, we also recognize that if someone calles it "Isis and Ra", or "Jesus and Mary", or "Allah", or "Grandfather", that creative force understands and is acknowledged.

    So, "God" is real in some way, shape, or form. I doubt the true nature of deity can be fully comprehended -- ever. That's about as likely as a blood cell comprehending the human body.

    Religion, on the other hand, is all about mankind's attempt to understand that creatuve force. Religion is a framework that seeks to create an interface between the finite human mind and the infinite intelligence of the creative force. But no religion can ever be complete. Christianity isn't a "wrong" religion, but neither is it "right". Likewise, Wicca is neither "right" nor "wrong".

    When you boil religion down to it's basics, you pretty much get "live a prayerful life of service and gratitude. Be kind to others" as the primary message of most religions. Why is that? I think there is a universal truth that the creative force DOES want us to live harmonious lives and have some measure of happiness in our lives.

    The disagreements on religion are all man-made. If I go to church and pray to Jesus, the creative force is honored. If I go to my Wicca group and chant a prayer to the Goddess, the creative force is honored. I seriously doubt that the creative force prefers a Holy Eucharist Rite over an Ostara High Rite. The important thing, in my humble opinion, is that the reverence of deity be done with love and kindness, and that the love and kindness be manifest in one's actions.

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    Religion. Oh, religion. That is an interesting topic.

    Let's look at the actual definition of religion:

    noun: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods
    • a particular system of faith and worship
    • a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance

    By one part of its definition, religion has to deal with a god or gods. But with another half, it applies to something of great importance, similar to that of Buddhism or other religions that do not establish the belief of God.

    Now, this is all a basis of opinion. Some will argue that religion is God, while others will argue that it is not. It depends on the individual and his or her personal beliefs.

    My opinion: I do not think religion is God, nor God is religion. I believe they are separate. I do not think "God" wants us to have religion or faith. In honesty, I do not think "God" would care if he does exist.

    Is there a God? The truth is: we don't know, and there probably will never be a way of completely finding out. You cannot be 100% certain that he (or she or it for that matter) exists, and you cannot be 100% certain "he" does not exist. In truth, the concept of God is not black or white. It is gray. One can never be truly sure, and that goes for pretty much any stance on anything.

    For why religion was created: As human beings, we are scared of the unknown. One of the "unknowns" that has persisted through out the ages is what would happen after death. I believe one of the main factors on why religion was created was to allow people to feel more comfortable in regards to the unknown, whether it be how the crops would turn up or whether what would happen after they died.

    Instead of worrying about what will happen after we die, shouldn't we simply focus on living a good life? It is all we got really; let's make the best of it.


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    I believe in respect for other humans and animals too. The earth and trees and all things, as all things have a spirit. I thank the wreck I pull parts off of to keep my car going as I might the deer I ate for dinner last Christmas. (Ironic ain’t it?) I’m not much on the major religions but respect my relatives opinions and don’t argue when they want to celebrate some god’s son’s birthday five months or so before the supposed actual date. We are a fluke of the universe, children of chance evolution and probably not alone but too distant from others to ever know. As a non-Christian I’ve lived a better “Christian” life than most I know. I’ve never knowingly hurt others, raped, murdered and maimed etc.. Of course they can and do that then say a few heil St. So&So and be forgiven. Yea right.

    One should never discuss religion or politics…


    Whoo Hoo! 500th post. Look out Pojo!

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    I believe in a god, but not the abrahamic god. That stuffs just ridiculous. During sunday school as a kid I was told what a nice guy this God character is. Than I started actually paying attention in church and reading bits of the bible, and really, he aint nice at all. He's supposed to be pure hapiness and pure forgiveness; the complete opposite of Satan. But in the bibke he's a jealous, hateful, unforgiving, evil bastard who creates (gay) people just to send them to hell and kills off an entire planets population in a worldwide flood just for fun. That isn't the kind of god i want to spend eternity with.

    So instead I just gave religion up. Life just makes so much more sense without religion. I don't have to follow the rules in an ancient book (and neither does anyone else: if we followed Leviticus word for word we'd be able to stone our unruly teenagers), and my snoring no longer wakes up the rest of the people in the pews: Everybody wins!

    In recap: It's really arrogant to think you understand every and all the desires and features of something as complex as god just because you read it in a book that was written by people (the ancient Jews) who thought that they only had a certain number of "seed" to give to a woman and so outlawed wasting it (via masturbation or lying with another man).

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    But our unruly teenagers are already getting stoned.

    I believe in religion. It exists, obviously. I don't believe in a god. It doesn't.

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    In my opinion, religion was created in a time where people people desperately needed answers to some serious questions. People needed to know answers to questions like why they weren't getting enough rain to grow their crops, why people would die of diseases, and how they came into being. Now most of those questions can be answered with science, and there is no need for such a religion. Religion has now evolved into the foundation of people's morals and ethics. In religion god is the one who supposedly makes these rules and the one who enforces them. God is the one behind the religion, so god and religion are both separate but connected. If i sound stupid, i apologize. I'm just a little drunk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c_rat View Post
    In my opinion, religion was created in a time where people people desperately needed answers to some serious questions. People needed to know answers to questions like why they weren't getting enough rain to grow their crops, why people would die of diseases, and how they came into being. Now most of those questions can be answered with science, and there is no need for such a religion.
    Careful there--Science can only go so far. Although I'm not at all religious any more, I haven't placed all my faith in 'Science' either. Seems to me that when folks implicate 'Science', they're referring to stuff we currently 'know'. That's a slight misunderstanding of science though, since scientific progress often involves refutation of existing knowledge. What we know now will not resemble what we know in the future; some knowledge will be added, some will be changed. 'Science' represents more than what we know now, and it might be foolish to assume that current bodies of knowledge can easily accommodate future anomalies.

    It sounds to me that what you might have been getting at is the notion that given the absence of prior knowledge in some context, we're more likely to name a problem than a process. I'd certainly agree with that.
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    Well, well, well. OK folks time to come clean. I am in fact a Deist, based on a personal confidence in an unseen deity. This, however, implies not at all that I ascribe to a deity as described by any particular religion. My deity is my assumption and may well be defined into existence by my own belief: a product of my own psychology; that would make it no less real. We may suppose that natural laws give rise to sentient beings with a predisposition towards "guessing correctly" as to the existence of deities; the nature and properties of which I don't for a minute believe I can grasp, explain, or predict: whether the other is a transdimensional monster without regard for humans, or the god of Abraham, or some kind of collective consciousness. My "god" is untestable and unverifiable and serves no purpose other than making me comfortable; on that basis I don't worry about afterlives, previous lives, or worship-constructs. The widespread human tendencies - including my own - to ponder religious matters, and to reach some sort of conclusion about them are a product of human nature. This does not make them wrong any more than it proves them right. Take the point of view of the various versions of creationism: starting with Man having been created in God's "image." (Not to mention vice versa.) Then Man's nature is in accordance with God's, consistent with it. Our bodily functions, our social functions, our mental functions will by consequence align with God. When we look at the theory and practice of how we live our lives I figure that what works out best for us overall must accord with God's will, so my theology is steeped in pragmatism. I get the same result if we assume that we happened rather than were created; natural law, such as evolution, produces situations in which we as beings with free will make the best choices we can, weighing the consequences for us as individuals, groups, and all the way up to humanity as a whole; whatever we do for the best, weighing these various factors together, should inevitably ally with the imbued nature of god we enjoy. Thus when you want to test which forms of religous/non religious behaviour are most pleasing to God the are the ones that yield the best results. If you choose to worship as a Christian or whatever and it makes you happy, and it does not impinge on me I am happy.

    Now there is no dowbt that many aspects of live depend on a moral system. There usually arise from some sort of religious framework. Ethics are harder to pin down and are supposed to be independent of morality, though agreeing with it. But there is no single system of ethics which can demonstrate a universal application independent with morality or including it. There are many ethical systems with their assumed axioms strriving to be the right one though none has proven its supremity. But where dogmatism at least provides that moral basis, ethics has no such reliable underpinning. For this reason ethics is suspect. Religion gives moraL pointers. ethics are a more fundamental basis of decisions but without an underpinning; it is that luck of further (daogmatic) undrepinning that worries religious types who have their dogma to trust.

    Obviously religion is not the same as God. Raccoons in general, and me in particular, do not trust dogma or like it very much. Typically, we feel that if you assume a god who cares about human affairs, or even meddles in them betimes, and is omniscient IT would know what is in the hearts of men: and wouldn't favor the devout Buddhist over the devout atheist or the devout anything else. I feel particular scriptures or religions are interpretations of a larger truth, akin maybe, to taking a written passage translated into all the tongues of man. Each language has its own shades of meaning; the sum of meaning is beyond any single mind to grasp. Dogmatism is silliness. Arguments over the relative correctness of any given dogma - and especially over metaphysical objects which look suspiciously like human inventions, like angels, trinities, afterlives, miracles - are further sillinesses.
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    Since there have already been plenty of threads about religion that I've thrown my perspective into, I'll try to keep what I say here pretty short.

    Basically, I don't think religion in itself is a bad thing. However, I think that it is a powerful tool that has been used by corrupt people to cause terrible damage in the world.

    What's funny to me is that some of the messages in the Bible are against what a lot of people here are viewing religion as. In the Gospels, Jesus often teaches against the Pharisees, a religious sect who followed all of the rules and tried to make themselves look good and thought they were better than everyone else. Paul talks about how the "letter" (meaning the exact phrasing) of the law kills but the "spirit" (meaning the intention of the law) gives life. Yet most "Christians" today never seem to take that into account and be aware of it.

    Many people on here may have never gotten anything out of religion, but I don't think that there's nothing positive about it. However, since it's creation it's been used to control and manipulate people to serve other people's greed and power, so the danger of it always has been and probably always will be there.

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