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    Ok, I did my best to search for something like this on ADISC, and I didn't find anything like again, I apologize if it's already here somewhere. I started this thread on TBN and I really liked hearing the results.

    If you guys are like me, at some point over the years, as you go throughout your daily life, some person has made some comment about diapers or *Bish idea that caught you off guard and maybe made your heart skip a beat a little bit. When it's over, you think about it and find it kind of interesting/neat and usually kind of funny, especially because the person who made it had absolutely no idea what went through your head when they said it. However, afterwards you usually forget it and move on, since you have no one to tell it to. you have a place where you can mention these weird little instances. I always enjoy sharing these funny little stories/instances and a lot of times I get a kick out of what other people posted.

    Note: Do NOT post things you see on TV or in any kind of pop culture. There's already a thread for that (listed below). This thread is only for things that happen in your actual life.

    Here are a few of mine from TBN...

    -One time I was talking with one of my friends and I yawned, saying that I was tired. She responded by saying "Do I need to put you in your crib?"

    -Back in...4th or 5th grade or one of those years, as our class was lining up to go back inside from recess, a lot of people were arguing/squabbling over something stupid, and our teacher (who was very weird), said "Tomorrow I should bring in a bunch of diapers and diaper you little babies!" It was really weird, but at the time it certainly startled me a bit.

    -In anatomy class in high school, our teacher was talking about the sphincter and how when children our potty trained they learn to control how to use the muscle (or something like that anyway). One student (I think her name was Katie) then told some story about how she had a hard time learning to be potty trained...I don't remember the details. But then our teacher (who was really funny) said, "Ok, so basically Katie just told us she still wears diapers."

    -Sometime during elementary school, we went to a field trip somewhere and a few of us went to a bathroom. Inside was one of those "Koala Bear Care" changing tables. Apparently a lot of the boys (including myself) had never seen them before, so they were intrigued by it and opened it up. Then, one of them (who was a bit of a class clown), lied down on it and said "All right, one of you has to change me." Then another one responded "No, stupid, can't you see this is only for koalas?"

    I think there are tons of others, but the hardest part about these is remembering them. Anyway, I always like hearing other people's stories, so hopefully you guys will be able to think of some.

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    One time when I was 5 or 6 our relatives came to visit us with their baby. The baby's mother was changing his diaper and hid dad came to me. "*mynamehere* How long it's been since you were last changed?" - "I don't know" - "You don't know? Then we should change your diaper." " *baby's mom's name here* Do we have any spare diapers for *mynamehere*?" Then my mom came in and said I don't wear diapers anymore.

    Other time was when I was 7 or 8 and I climbed into a stroller that I found on our summer cottage. Then my mom came and started pushing me around in that stroller while referring me as a baby.

    After that I don't remember to have any other incidents.

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    My mom was lecturing me (which she usually does just for the sake of it) and said something like:
    "I put up with your problems, mistakes, your fetishes..."
    I tuned out at that point panicking (but not visually) about if she knew.

    Then another time, during a road trip, I really had to go to the bathroom. I was pretty much about to wet my pants, when my dad said:
    "Maybe we should make you wear a diaper and plastic pants next time!" (Jokingly)
    I panicked again, still not showing it.

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    Mmmm well I remember once while at work, another employee was sent to clean the restrooms. He responded by saying "I don't believe in restrooms, I believe in diapers!" Of course he was joking. I had to smile about it though, was quite funny. :P

    Another time a friend of mine had a bladder infection and was complaining about having to use the restroom so often. Another friend says to her, "You should wear a diaper!"

    Odd little things like that, you don't expect it, but when it happens it has your full attention. Nice thread teddy!

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    i actually get these all the time. my mom knows, so there is alot of it. but around alot of my friends, for some reason they all joke about diapers, and how stupid 8[... but my friend for halloween at high school, dress in a huge footed onesie with trapdoor, and a pacifier

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    The only one that really sticks out to me right now was in 4th grade I had this wierdo teacher Mrs. Schultz I think who was talking about how on the moon landing when Niel Armstrong was taking the first step on the moon, Buzz Aldrin was wetting his space diaper. That made me do a mental double take. I think at that point I realized that kind of excited me. Funny side story totally unrelated to this discussion, she later passed out in front of the entire class when shown a picture of a cobra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dakota#15 View Post
    but around alot of my friends, for some reason they all joke about diapers, and how stupid
    If your friends are teenagers (especially if they're male) that may not be totally uncommon because sometimes I've heard of the same thing...mainly because diapers can be kind of like fart jokes and stuff like that. Some male teenagers like to get hung up on bathroom humor.

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    Really odd....

    But my grama and grampa have recently been buying a whole slew of stuff, including this stupid fireplace, a flat screen lcd tv that hangs on the wall, dvd's every other day, new players and storage spaces for all their stuff.

    So I say to my grama "Why are you wasting your money?"
    She goes "It's not me, it's your Papa"
    So I said "You'd think he'd be happy with what he had, he's been using the same tv for 15 years"
    she says "I think he's regressing to his childhood"

    Not exactly a diaper reference, but it was odd hearing it come from my gramas mouth.

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