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Thread: Attention DL-Town Members

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    Exclamation Attention DL-Town Members

    Just thought I'd bring this to everyone's attention, apparently DLTown is up for sale to the highest bidder:

    So anyone from anywhere can purchase it now...kinda creepy, but I suppose it's only money eh?

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    $3,000 for that peice of crap site? Makes you think what ADISC would go for. I say around $20,000.

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    No, ADISC would be on one of those MasterCard commercials, and towards the end it would say, ""

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post
    $3,000 for that peice of crap site? Makes you think what ADISC would go for. I say around $20,000.
    according to is worth $1,009.

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    ^ ooh... That's depressing....

    I think it's sort of... Low.... Hopefuly unacurate.

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    It's probably worth more cause of their outrageous galleries & video collection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    according to is worth $1,009.
    WTF...On, Deeker is worth more then us at $1,334

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    Probably because all the people who tried to get into this site to value it got kicked out for lying.

    If it's through ebay, doesn't it make you think it's a joke?

    EDIT: I found their email! Nevermind.

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