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Thread: Angered by greed of sellers, makers and suppliers of AB Speciality Clothing and accessories

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    Default Angered by greed of sellers, makers and suppliers of AB Speciality Clothing and accessories

    Personally, I refuse to pay the excessive prices that speciality AB clothing and accessories go for on the internet. These excessive, inflated prices, I feel, are largely due to the supply and demand created by AB/TB consumers and certainly by the opportunistic greed of sellers, makers and suppliers). I felt that this topic would be of interest to many ADISC members and deserves it's own thread.

    What has been your experience? What do you think?

    I've gotten to the point that I only acquire AB related items from non-AB related sources medical suppliers and other legitimate supplier/manufacturers.

    For example, It kind of pisses me off that I can't contact the Nuk Company to buy (or have them refer me to a medical supply retailer that can sell me) 3 - 5 Nuk 5 pacifiers at a reasonable retail price. Just the idea of going on Ebay and paying $15-$25 plus another frigging $7.95 for shipping. for something I should pay about $5-$6 for torks me off.

    The same with onesies, footed sleepers, rompers, buttoned crotch clothing. Most are far over-priced for the quality of item you are getting. Fricking $40+shipping for a onesie (basically an elongated t-shirt with crotch snaps - give me a break). I want a supplier to sell me 10 of these for $70-80+ actual shipping.

    I demand high quality in my normal (non-AB) everyday clothing (I usually buy Columbia, Woolrich, Lees, Carhart, Dockers, Eddie Bauer, etc).

    My latest thought for this dilemma? I have purchased two quality sewing machines and am going to try to learn to sew (I use every other power tool in building and remodeling, so why not).

    Only then do i believe I'll get the approbate value for my $$$.

    So.... Let's give this topic a go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post
    supply and demand created by AB/TB consumers
    You said it

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    it's a rip off...maybee someone here should create a company and sell for normal prices

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    I think the reason why AB clothes cost so much is one, they are hand made so they are charging for the time they took to make it and plus the supplies they used to make it, two, the bids can go high on them because that is how much people want it.

    I do notice how expensive AB furniture is and the big Nuk nipple. It's actually made for kids with cleft lips and the size 5 NUK pacifier is a sucking therapy thing. I got them both on ebay. I would recommend don't bother getting the nipple because then you suck on it, it gets stuck together and you have to take the nipple off to pop it back to it's normal size. It's hard to explain. I would just stick with the regular nipples that stay the same where I don't have to take it off just to pop them back up again.

    One thing I find a true rip off is printed diapers. I mean you can make your own. Just get diapers and buy some wrapping paper or go to a party supply store and buy some printed tape and put it on the front of your diapers. With wrapping paper, just cut it and buy some bank mailing tape and tape the cutted wrapping paper on the front of the diapers. So don't buy them on ebay where they over charge you for a few diapers.

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    You also have to keep in mind, it takes a hell of a lot more work to create a custom sleeper for an AB than it does for target to create it.

    You have to buy the material and zipper or snaps or whatever else, not to mention a lot of the time parts of things are hand sewn, because a machine can't always do the job.

    These people take time, and yeah sure they over price somethings, but they have a market.

    If you don't like it, make it yourself.

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    I do agree with some of your comments my grandma is making clothes and blanket for living . I will say it a lot a time use Swen machine and hand Swen, but she will not charge anywhere near price some of this AB clothes maker will .

    The high price sees her go for blanket or clothes is maybe $30, and never I see some of this AB clothes maker want 55 for one baby onizese or 100 for baby jean pants. I even don't agree with ab furniture maker 800 for one crib grandpa could make for 200 or 300 dollars
    most with oak or pine and stain and paint included.

    So agree charging for time make swening but not price way to high normal seamtris or carpenter would not charge those prices.

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    That's another thing people could do.

    Look around your city, visit things like craigs list or what not where people post ads. There was one lady in my city that said she could make custom clothes, I asked her about footed pajamas at one point, and she said it was possible. Then, things are made custom to YOU, and it doesn't have the high ABDL price or shipping other things do.

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    I think we need to boycott the ABDL market the online shop charge so much AB clothes or furniture on tell lower price reasonable cost .

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    The prices are ridiculous, but what can we really do about it? I don't think anything can change it. I dislike it, but they have a small market, so they have to charge a lot to make some money.

    Jumpin Jammerz offers some somewhat cheap footed sleepers, but not the really cute ones.

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    Hmmm... Well I got my footed sleeper for $13 from Target.
    But I'm just lucky I am tiny like that. The only clothes I would be willing to order because I want it would be a onesie. But, If you know where to look you ca find cheap ones. I have found one for $25 . Though I don't know how reliable the site was...

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