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Thread: Hi there, from the old forum

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    Default Hi there, from the old forum

    I found this new forum from the old page. The last thing I remember was talk about moving the domain ownership to someone else and possibly changing hosts. It would appear the forum has been moved elsewhere.

    I've been busy with life (still busy, at that). I'm changing careers so I've returned to school to work on a new degree. I'm rooming with three other people so I'm deprived of the necessary privacy to continue being a DL at this time. Hopefully I won't have to wait four years for that to change!

    I recognize a few people here like Peachy and Pramrider. I'm not sure if anyone remembers me.

    My post count and karma is gone so I'm a lurker now. I guess that's what I get for missing the boat to tbdl's new home.

    So, hello everyone. Old and new.
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    Where is the edit button? I would like to fix my grammar.

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    Hi Kensiko

    The edit button should be at the bottom right hand corner of your message

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlikra View Post
    Hi Kensiko

    The edit button should be at the bottom right hand corner of your message
    I only see a button for "Reply With Quote", "Multi-Quote This Message", and "Quick reply to this message".

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon93 View Post
    Welcome (back) to Adisc!

    Your avatar is adorable I must say.
    Thanks. I used to be a blue fox avatar before, a little different from this one.

    I can't seem to reply to anything anywhere else on the forum. What do I need to do to graduate from lurker status?

    I have an edit button now. Yay!

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    You're a Newbie now :P

    I didn't mean to sound patronising, perhaps you couldn't edit 'cause you were a lurker.

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    That must have been it. I'm glad that's over!

    I'm leaving to catch a flight shortly so I won't be able to stay for long. It's nice to see some old faces again and some new ones too.

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    Welcome back man. I don't think I remember you from the old forum. And don't wory about losing all your rep and post count; we all did.

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    I was only a member of TBDL for less than 3 months so I don't remember you, but welcome back. Oh and I agree with Jon93 - sweet avatar

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    Awesome avatar!

    Welcome back to ADISC/TBDL!

    I wasn't there myself, I joined a few months after the switch over.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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