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Thread: The UK thread

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    I figured it might be cool if everybody from the UK posted in here so we can get to know each other and see how many of us there are! Talk about anything you like I guess

    So I'll start. I'm from Stoke-on-Trent, I love football and I'm a season ticket holder at Stoke City. Any other football fans on here?

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    I'm from Bo'ness which is a small town 18 miles west of Edinburgh. It's 6 miles from Falkirk. I'm a musician and passionate about football. I'm a supporter of Celtic. Have been all my life and make it to 20+ games per season.

    You think Stoke can stay up this year?

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    Definitely I've always believed that we would stay up. So many people had written us off and have done all season and we really are proving everybody wrong at the moment. Massive game tomorrow though, could see us safe realistically. Can't wait!

    You reckon you'll win the league?

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    I'm from London, the big smoky place where most kids have asthma and where you can walk down the street and hear at least 12 different languages <_<

    Seriously though, its not that bad, just big. :P
    Never really followed football, I'm more of a rugby fan

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    I'm from Grimsby, in Lincolnshire.

    You know, where most of your fish comes from :P

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    I'm from the UK (possibly the youngest UK guy on here) and I'm not into Football or Rugby . But I do like Rowing and Fencing and I Row for my school.

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    Fur here from UK, mainly Sheffield, dun ask about sports I don't care for them at all, I'm a gamer

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    I am from Birmingham and love Avril Lavigne and motor sport and bikes Oh and lets not forget pull ups

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