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    Hey there. over many years or diapering, all of with obtaining diapers purchased in stores and not on-line, I've grown accustomed to taping over the crappy tapes that come on them to insure a tight fit that will not loosen. I've used several tapes including electrical, duct, ect. but i have found for me what seems to work best. I use clear hockey tape. not only is it clear ( duct tape looks ugly) but it holds as good if not better, and even works to re-enforce the hook loop fasteners on the tena supers i get. so, what kind of tapes do you all use on your diapers?

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    Hockey tape.... Sounds expensive as it would most likely be sold in a sporting goods store... Is it?

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    well i haven't bought it in years being that i no longer play hockey but my brother buys it by the case, from The World's Highest Quality Hockey Tape!. I don't believe it's costs much and most likely is only available in sporting goods stores and at pro shops in ice rinks. The stuff really works amazing. It looks like one inch wide scotch tape but its got the same amount of stretch as electrical tape, but is ten times as thick and twenty times as sticky and sticks to fabric very well, being that it's supposed to be used on the outside of hockey socks, and on shin guards. I usually steal a roll here or there from my bro. i cant imagine a roll being over three to five bux tho.

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    I use duct tape. In my earlier days I'd get colored duct tape, though I mostly go with the standard gray stuff now. However, the Dry 24/7 tapes are good enough that generally I have no need for it. Basically, the only time I use it is when one of my tapes pops off first.

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    I only use the tape on the diaper itself, I have no problem on it

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    Packing tape can work wonders if things are coming loose. We have tons of it for shipping purposes, so supply is never an issue. Duct tape fixes everything of course, so I'd reccomend that as well. Just don't use too much or it becomes a pain to undo. >.<

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    If I have to re-enforce the tapes on a diaper, I'm switching to another brand.

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    I've always used medical or nurcing tape.... It's clear, but with little bumps, and sticks very well on diapers.

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