View Poll Results: Is it acceptable to date your friend's sibling?

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Thread: Is it acceptable to date your friend's sister/brother?

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    Default Is it acceptable to date your friend's sister/brother?

    Would you say that it is acceptable to become the boyfriend or girlfriend of one of your friend's siblings?

    poll to be attached..

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    I chose unsure because I think it would depend on the attitude of your friend.
    Personally I couldn't say because I'm an only child and have not dated a friend's sister.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't see a moral problem with doing so. However, it might not be the wisest thing to do, as a bad breakup with your friend's sibling could end your friendship as well. Even if that is not the result, you'd end up seeing your "ex" more often than you may want.

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    When I came into this thread, it looked like one of the voting options was "I'd have to consult the literature."; I LOL'd. I'll be filing that away for future use.

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    Not only can i not really comment since i have never dated anyone but it is pretty obvous that it depends on the situatoin and really if your friend would be ok wiht that.

    Edit: oh and personally if it was a younger sibling i think tthe friend would hae a right to beat you up.

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    I consider it a moral "grey" area. Depends on age and how their parents feel about you. Unfortunately my best friend's sister left for college just as I got old enought to date; otherwise, I may have attempted it.

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    Let me give a quote from the new Fast & Furious movie (which by the way, wasn't all that bad considering what it was):

    "I dated his sister"
    "You're a lucky man..."
    "Because you're still alive"

    So no, dating a friend's sister/brother is foul play, and should be avoided.

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    yes but fallen that qoute can't be used as in the first movie he wa s threatened b the dude sayng "YOu break hear heart and your dead" or something close to that.

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