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    Default aww fuck!!!

    my laptop will not charge(as in it died and will not reboot because it will not get a charge.)It is not the cord(Im on another laptop with the cord)

    Any ideas?

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    Man, I am glad I am not alone. I THOUGHT I would have a problem, but tonight... my laptop works good. I spilled water on it and I got lucky. This time. I bumped water onto my laptop and I thought I was screwed.

    I let it dry out all day, and now it works good. THANK GOD. I thought for sure I was screwed.

    I would check it out. Have someone look at it. Maybe the battery is dead. It happens.


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    If the battery is easily accesible (a lot of them just clip in and out, here's something to try. Unplug the laptop, Take the battery out , press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds, wait 30 seconds, put the battery and plug back in and try again. I can't think of the term for this right now, I thinks it's called clearing the motherboard but it helps about a lot of power problems ( Im not sure how it works either, I think it gets rid of all the static).
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    The laptop should function fine without a battery, provided it's plugged in. Take out the battery, and if you can't operate it while plugged in, something else is wrong.

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    My laptop won't charge ethier. The charger makes some beeping sound. Even if it not plugged into the laptop.

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    Probably the cord my laptop did the same thing, not that big of deal if it is infact the cord
    (btw do not download anything)
    *points to his dead laptop-infected-with-a-billion-and-2-viruses*

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    Sounds like there is a broken connection in the power circuit.
    Most likely the notebook will have to be disassembled to repair the power port.
    Could be easy though, maybe just a little solder will fix it.

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