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Thread: How do you change???

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    Question How do you change???

    just curious as to what you do once ur done with the wet one......

    do you use baby powder, wipes, etc. what is hygenic and what do u recommend to do just for kicks

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    I use wipes mostly. Sometimes I use baby power to hide the smell. I hope baby power doesn't wreck the cloth diapers because I rub it in there and on my skin. I also use rash cream but I am going to switch to something else soon since rash cream is water resistant.

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    I put them on. I rarely use powder (as I never have it). When I'm done, I take it off. I'll either take a shower, or wipe myself off with a wet cloth or whatever. I'll put the wet one in a bag, and then that bag in a trashbag.

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    If pooped, initial clean up with toilet paper, flushing poop in the toilet (including poop from the diaper). Diaper bagged up and in the bin.

    Very very thorough shower (and if poop is involved, I'd advise a long soak in a bath after the initial shower clean up, as trust me the smell lingers and people notice even if you don't).

    After the shower I'll use baby wipes which helps more with the smell, and then powder. If another diaper is going on I'll powder as I'm putting the diaper on. That's the best bit. Lovely clean feel and a clean fresh diaper

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    I find it easiest to put a diaper standing up and holding it against the wall with my backside. I've tried doing it lying down but can't ever get a tight fit that way.

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