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Thread: Man raided for being critical of police

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    Thumbs down Man raided for being critical of police

    Phoenix police raid home of blogger whose writing is highly critical of them

    What's everyone think, I Personally think it's horrendous that the police can get away with this when it's an obvious act of retaliation to the pending lawsuit against the station.

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    Free speech, on occasion, only partialy exists. If you say something that someone powerful disagrees with, and you say it LOUD, there will be consequences. It doesn't matter what's in the constitution.

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    I agree with Chillhouse, however, the police went too far with that.

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    Isn't criticism supposed to provoke rethinking and improvement rather than violent and immature responses?

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    This is clearly a violation of his first amendment right of free speech. The law officers had no grounds to take his equipment on "petty theft" charges. The judge should be fired and the law officers involved should get suspended for pure stupidity. That's like me (if I was RoboCop) raiding my neighbors house and screaming "I AM THE LAW!!!" and stealing everything. This is clearly stupidity of the judge, and the cops...You have the right to put your voice out there- DON'T TAKE THAT WAY FROM ME!!!

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    This is what the ACLU and the courts are for.

    Now if the ACLU would get on board with the 2nd Amendment, I would be exceedingly happy.

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    Amen to the 2nd Amendment there sparkmaster.

    While I know the amount of corruption in most police forces is moderate, that article seems like things have gone way unchecked. When it comes to the actual letter of the law only the lawyers are the ones that aren't fuzzy. Naturally I'm interested to hear the other side of the story before I hop on board. Lets just say my ticket is ready though...

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    I have no sympathy for this moron.

    Now, you'd think that of all people, I would -- after all, I work on a daily basis in a job that promotes the defense of people accused of various crimes from theft to murder. I have a lot of patience with people, but not with a situation like this.

    You pick your fights. Sometimes, you pick your fights stupidly. This is one of those cases in which somebody picked their fight stupidly. We can say all day "First amendment, yeah!" and "Freedom of speech!", but what people don't often associate with those rights (not privileges) is the accountability one needs to take in using them. This fool took no responsibility. I don't see why we're all up in arms about it -- I mean, after all, you spit in the face of someone you don't like, you might get punched or charged ... but if you spit in the face of a cop, you can damned well guarantee your punishment is going to be a lot more harsh. It just takes a modicum of common sense to understand what lines you cross and what lines you don't.

    Based on the Maryland code of law that I'm used to, the police had every right to raid his house and remove his computers. He was acting in a harassing fashion (as he had been repeatedly defaming one particular target or a series of targets in a public manner). He could have easily worked against these "bad Phoenix cops" in more peaceful and lawful ways. He could have contacted higher authority, whether it be local, city, or state government. He could have immediately gotten in touch with the police force and filed formal complaints. He could have appealed his opinion to organizations who could help him produce a more properly public embodiment of his dislike.

    He didn't, however. He instead decided to make a blog about it and put it out there. They had all the evidence they needed and evey right to seize his property and charge him as they did. Perhaps you can call it unfair, but how the police acted was certainly not unwarranted, at least in his case.

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    "What does a police state look like?

    This is what a police state looks like!"

    I would protest over this if there was a protest going on.

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