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    I been wearing disposal diaper for a while. i usually wear one of the 3 - attend/abena xplus/ or molicares. i been thinking about trying the dry24/7's but thats not why i am here right now...

    i was wondering what do you guys and girls think of cloth diapers. i was looking at them from - Adult Cloth Diapers and Vinyl Pants i was wondering if you could give me reviews on both cloth diapers and that site... are they reliable and price reasonable and do they ship on time.

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    Before getting serious about any sort of cloth diapers, ask yourself: Can I conveniently and discreetly wash and dry them?

    Next, assuming you did not grow up in cloth diapers, ask yourself: Can I accept anything but a disposable as helping my desire?

    Adult Cloth Diaper Company is a very reliable vendor. They have been shipping my gauze diapers on schedule since early 2006. Although ACD does sell waterproof pants, I buy mine from Babykins, another reliable vendor of cloth diapers as well as waterproof pants.

    The three common diaper cloth materials are: cotton flannel, which is easy to buy and to sew; cotton terry cloth, popular in the UK; cotton gauze/Birdseye, the only slightly stretchy cloth diaper material. The downside to gauze/Birdseye is this material is very difficult to sew. In general all cotton diapers need to be washed within a couple of days of being wet and immediately if soiled by poop. They need to be washed in very hot water, using a detergent that does not irritate your skin. The only bleach that should be used on diapers is borax. Any fabric softener will reduce absorbency and can irritate skin.

    Unless you own your own washer and drier, consider the cost of washing added to the cost of cloth diapers and waterproof pants.

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    I wear the 404 style all in one briefs from Comco (hence my screen name) as my regular underwear and they feel really good. The sizes tend to run a little large. Comco also has some pretty good vinyl pants and their prices are very reasonable.

    They seem to not want me to post links so Google "comco inc mn"
    to find their site

    There is another company called Comco Mfg. which seems to have a similar
    product line, but I have never ordered from them.
    Google: "comco manufacturing diaper" to find them

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    I have been a long time wearer of cloth diapers and plastic pants and like them very much. But as Angelabauer said check out all cloth diaper vendors first and is it feasible for you to wear cloth diapers too. Try buying a few at first and see how they work out also. Don't go out and purchase a whole bunch and find out that they are not your cup of tea. Good luck in which ever you decide to do and happy wearing.

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    I have been wearing them for a month now and I like them better than disposables. Rash cream ruins the diapers. It leaves yellow in them because it doesn't all wash out and it makes the area stiff. You would have to wash them a few times to get it all out.

    I also soak them after I take them off and you have to wash them as often as you can because leaving them soiled wears them out quicker. I try to wash them every other day. When I have them soaked in the bucket, I dump the water out later on and wring the diaper out and fill the bucket back up again.

    I find the pin ones to be a nuisance because they are hard to get the diaper on so I prefer Velcro but the bad part about it is, when you wash them, they get stuck together with the other diapers so they don't dry as well. I just hang dry them after I dry them because I will not pay another 75 cents to dry them again. Because I have 20 pairs of cloth diapers, I can have the others hang dry while I am wearing the others. I really need to buy myself a dry rack so I can hang the diapers on it. I can't hang them up outside because I have no place to hang them. I live in apartment and have no porch.

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