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Thread: Thoughts on new X-Men movie?

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    Default Thoughts on new X-Men movie?

    So, what do you think of the new X-Men movie? I know it's not out yet, but there's a leaked workprint of it and so far it looks really good. And it's also quite fun watching how they work through movie making as well. This workprint shows some of the CG and wires that hold the actors up and all. Really awesome movie and can't wait for it to come out.

    So, thoughts?

    If this isn't allowed here sorry, but I just wanted everyone's thoughts on this movie.

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    No idea how good it will be, the commercials look good.

    BTW a movie reviewer was fired for doing a review of the leaked film.

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    The only complaint that I have, is that in the trailers, Wolverines claws look really fake in some scenes. As in, they look obviously animated onto him

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    I thought it was good, as you could maybe find out in my topic about this same subject. I posted it last week I think, but oh well.

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