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Thread: Question about cleaning plastic pants

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    Default Question about cleaning plastic pants

    Would soap and water wreck them?

    Would wiping the inside of them using a baby wipe wreck them?

    Not laundry detergent because it is used to wash them when the label says to machine wash.

    I want to know because I heard rash cream wrecks the plastic so I'm wondering what else would wreck them too and wear them out faster.

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    Hand wash with warm wather and soap. Dry them by hanging.

    No washing machine, no dryer.

    Mine are like new after about 3 years.

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    I most often wash mine in the shower whilst cleaning my self up. It is fun to get in there with them on and let the shower fill them up. I use Dial bar soap, rinse them out and towel them dry. After I put them over a thick plastic coat hanger and let the elastic finish drying.

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    I put mine in a lingerie bag and wash them in the washing machine, then hang them to dry.

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    NO DRIERS !! Gentle soap: dish soap, woolite... Hand wash and drip dry.

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    Not all plastic pants are the same. For example there are many kinds of vinyl.

    So, the best way to clean plastic pants is to use the method appropriate for the style you wear. Growing up Mom always bought Gerber Vinyl Baby Pants, which were made even in large adult sizes. Mom used liquid dishwashing detergent, a drop or so in a little warm water which was in a small plastic tub. She taught us to hand agitate the panties, turn them inside out and do the same again. Then we hung those on plastic hangers inside away from sunlight and heat. Once the outside was dry we would turn them back inside out. By storing the pants on the hangers they kept their shape.

    Now I wear Kins soft vinyl pull-on panties. The instructions packed with those suggest gentle drying using a drier on low. I compromise. As I take off my plastic pants I wash them as described, in water no hotter than comfy on my hand. Once a week I take all my Kins pants off their hangers, put them in a old cotton pillow case and dry them the first 20 minutes along with a load of gauze diapers. The diapers and pillow case protect the vinyl from direct contact with hot parts of the drier drum. My experience is this occasional warming does keep that style of vinyl soft and extends the life before cracking ruins them.

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    I like the idea of the pillow case idea.i think i will try that. Thanks for the info.

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    I wear mine in the shower in the mornings to clean 'em out. Just soap and warm water.

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