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    Default What should I get?

    hai guis i rly wnt pmprz siz 6 can i fit in da dprz guis?

    That was an imitation of the stereotypical deeker ABDL. But seriously...Today, I wore the Molicare Super, and I realized something...Holy shit! This is thick! Way too thick to wear to bed. So, I am looking for a diaper that is less thick than the Molicares, yet thicker than CVS/Walgreens (plastic version of Walgreens briefs). I live in California and don't really have the ability to order online....Any idea what I might be able to get, or am I out of luck?


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    You're out of luck, buy something like Abena Super or the Secure X-Plus. I have no experience with these diapers so I can't help you on the thickness.
    If you live in Southern California then XP Medical is the best option, they will take at the most 2 days to get to you.

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    You will get used to the thickness after a while... just keep wearing them.

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    I love the thickness, but I can't wear to bed because my mom likes to come into my room at about 6AM on Saturdays to give me the dog...And a thick diaper is a bad thing in that sense. Thats why I need to get something in between.

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    You didn't enjoy the present I gave you?

    I've got to say, at the moment your only choices are walgreens or depends. Since you can't order from online.....

    Are Bambinos are thinker then Molicares?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan_d View Post
    Are Bambinos are thinker then Molicares?
    If I'm interpreting this right...

    Yeah, Bambinos are pretty much thicker than everything.

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