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Thread: Hug?

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    Depends how big the tits are, duh.
    If they're big, it feels like hugging a small pillow as well as a person. Otherwise, it's just the same...?
    I have no fucking clue.

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    Warm and it smells nice. Your head gets all swimmy and you want to stay there forever enveloping her small, feminine frame. If the hug is long enough you will begin to get concerned that you ruined the moment with your boner, and you feel really self-conscious. Then, testosterone hits your brain like a freight train and you want to ravage her little body with your spear of meat. That's pretty much every hug I've had with a girl.

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    Pleasant comes to mind but Dethklok put the details in pretty well. It is better than hugging a plushie and most times better than cuddling wtih a cat.

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    Uhhh, great?

    I guess I have to agree with Dethklok. Except that not every girl I've hugged did I want to "ravage with [my] spear of meat".

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    Living vicariously through other's experiences is both sad and creepy, kay?

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    The experience varies with the person. If she loves you, then its quite intimate. If she's a friend / relative, then its like any other person.

    I like hugs in general, especially from the ladies. *blows kiss*

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