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Thread: Is this incontience?

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    Default Is this incontience?

    When ever I need to have a bowel movement sometimes I feel the need to poop but then it goes away, then without warning several hours later it can sometim s just come out.

    I can try to poop but it won't come out as if I didn't need to go, whenever I poop in the diaper, I don't know I have more BM to get rid of until I sit on the toilet which then I get rid of.

    A bit confused but then I have constipation quite a bit, I eat fruit as part of my diet but then I have stress related IBS which could be a factor.

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    Yup. Incontinence is the inability to hold your bladder or bowels.

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    Incontinence is the involuntary loss of control. So yeah it could be defined as incontinence.

    Constipation and IBS can cause incontinence ironically. I'd suggest getting cleaned out before things get worse. A traditional bagged enema can help break up the solid stool and can probably prevent from getting worse. Although I'm not a doctor, periodical cleansing can benefit you. I'd suggest doing some research on traditional enemas and see if it helps.

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    How about caster oil? I'm not too sure about annemas. It would be embarssing to get them

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    You can purchase them online relatively cheaply. Enemas can help break up the compacted stools, oil provides lubrication for it. You can try the castor oil first and see if it works, if it doesn't, there's another option.

    I'm not talking by about the disposable ones you buy in stores, you can try them as well, but the bagged enema has a higher volume and can be more effective. You can also find a place with self checkout and remove that embarrassing factor.

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    My reason for wearing a diaper is a loss of urinary control. However, when the need for a bm occurs, I can't always just take my diaper off and go to the toilet. So in this case I'm kind of stuck. so to prevent this I use regular enemas. Usually once every other night keeps me out of any situations where I need to use my diaper for a bm. For me it's just something I'd rather avoid and the enema does that for me.

    I've been using enemas on a regular basis since I was 6. I'm now 54, so I have some experience if you need to know anything just ask and I'll try to answer.

    I have no personal experience with castor oil.

    I wish you the best, it sounds like a difficult situation

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    Castor oil is purgative agent rather than a laxative ,it will give you violent bowel emptying , your system will continue having very strong urgent bowel movements with diarrhea until it is completely empty , after using castor oil most people should not expect a bowel movement again for about three days, also do not eat before using castor oil or you will be expelling undigested food , and never take castor oil at night unless you plan to be up on the toilet all night, most bottles say to allow 6-12 hours for the effects to begin ,but when taken at night it can start to work in as little as 30 minutes in some cases.
    A lot of castor oils effects are dose dependent the more you take the stronger the effect in larger doses the rectal effluent can be very dark brown water until your bowels are empty, unless a physician insructs you to take a certain dose be sure not to use more than the bottle directions call for .
    It is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach at least two hours before any other food or medication is taken ( castor oil can cause a medication to be expelled before its absorbed into the blood stream ).
    You can very easily develope a dependence on any laxative or purgaative that is used regularly, so dont use it regularly without a physicians order .
    There are recipes on the internet for a mixture of fruits and nuts ( figs,dates, raising,prunes,apricots etc..) that can be ground up and made into little balls that will ensure solid prompt evacuation daily , they were designed to be tasty and nutritious for cancer patients because chemo is constipating and destroys people's taste buds ,Therefore they frequently don't eat right,so they are designed to be tasty and also full of fibre from the fruit which helps tremendously for people with IBS and other related bowel problems .I know your across the pond so you may or may not be able to buy a natural pill laxative called prunelax at the local chemist that's also help full if you don't want to make fruit balls .if you do try castor oil , it tastes bitter and oily and will stick around on your lips and mouth , most people are told to mix with orange juice , it tasted nasty , the best way I have found to make the stuff palatable is to make a chocolate milkshake extra chocolate with the oil mixed in it .

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    I have constant constipation do to my medication ive been eating more fruit it somewhat helps

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