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Thread: Do You Have A Nickname?

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    When I was a kid, my family and relatives called me Butch, maybe because I got into a lot of fights. Now, my wife calls me little baby when I'm diapered, which I like of course.....sigh.

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    Don't have a nickname anymore, but when I was a really little kid, my grandmother would call me Miss Muffet and my grandfather would call me Little Skunk (I'd like to quickly point out that no, I was not a smelly child). Every now and then my grandfather calls me Little Skunk again, even though I'm well into adulthood. It's the best feeling.

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    Little Andrea was literally what I was called my entire childhood because I was named after my mother. That name stuck well into my teen years. Noe it just makes me feel little. No one calls me that in my real life anymore, but it still brings back those childhood feelings.

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    i have a couple of names i am called:
    mummy calls me baby, but then i complain and she calls me big boy. she often calls me sweetie.
    daddy calls me ell, or buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdorableRabbit View Post
    "Little man" is my 'Mommy's' favorite name for me... ^///^
    Oh... and when she's feeling particularly playful she'll call me "Momma's good boy" in the most ickle cloying way imaginable... ah, she knows how to push my buttons!

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    Kimi. Everyone pretty much calls me this, but it always makes me feel like a little. My real name is Kimberly. Kimi actually has a special meaning to me because it was what my late grandfather called me. His last words when he passed away (when I was still a baby) were "give kimi a hug and kiss for me". So, my nickname has been really special since then. I spell it that way not because I'm Japanese, because I'm not, but because of my current theme on here... which is Kimi Finster. :3

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    My wife calls me her "Big Bedwetter" sometimes.

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    People used to bully me and call me Simran The Binman and my Daddy misheard it one day and thought it was Simran Bimbam so it kinda stuck and now I'm called Bimbam ^-^
    I kinda like how we turned something negative into something positive.

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    My nickname is Kittyhobo. It's an old name my ex-girlfriend gave me and it stuck. So I go by it now.

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