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    I've been a lurker forever, figured it was time to contribute a little.

    Some of you may remember me under the same alias. I jumped in once in a while on the old bravenet board, and on a couple incarnations of the ABDL story board.

    Who/what am I? Probably one of the older members, a DL for as long as I can remember. Tried babyish stuff here and there, haven't found anything other than the diapers that interested me, so 100% DL. I enjoy using them for all their intended purposes. Prefer cloth and plastic, although I use disposables when I choose to go out in public padded.

    I am kind of a private person, though, so I haven't come out to anybody, or felt any urge to. I' m married, kids grown and gone. No, she doesn't know. She wouldn't get it, and I have no craving to change or be changed, so there would be no point. Fortunately, differing work schedules and such give me the opportunity to enjoy this little hobby in peace and privacy once or twice a week for the better part of a day. Like now. Soaked and messy.

    Hiding spots? inside some ginormous old stereo speakers in the basement. Means of opening disguised. She never messes with the electronics, and without knowing how to open them, the only way is with a sledge hammer.

    Creepy Old Guy? If you met me IRL, I doubt you'd think so. First impression would probably be, WOW, pretty buff for an old guy. If you need a mental image, think Lance Armstrong with grey hair. No, you're not going to see any pictures, unless I figure out something that I'm 100% sure noone IRL can identify. Like telling someone, once the pictures are out of you're hands, you have no way of knowing where they'll go.

    Anyway, thanks for the entertainment over the years, see ya around the forum

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    Welcome to Adisc, hope you enjoy it here.

    Offtopic: Post Number 1000! woot!

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    Ted Turner has joined our ranks; or Duke Phillips, Jay Sherman's boss on "The Critic."

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    Creepy old guy? Have you been stalking anyone?
    If not might I suggest Jon he seems to get all the stalkers. :P
    Plus he loves!!! it.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    If not might I suggest Jon he seems to get all the stalkers. :P
    Plus he loves!!! it.
    I do?
    Since when?

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    ya.. hi
    welcome to the site..
    or the unvealing of lurking at the site
    i dont know

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