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    Im pretty sure people here that play games like Maplestory or GunZ have heard of this, but if you haven't its a game similar to Worms. Its a 2D side-scroll battle game, where you use these robotic or animal characters and basically shoot each other till you die or fall off a ledge. To aim you have to find the right angle and power (kinda like playing golf games?) to get an optimal attack on an opponent, which sounds easy but can be a pain as factors like wind effect your shots.

    Anyways I started yesterday again (I played for about a day a couple years ago) and ive been playing it a lot trying to level up lol.

    Site is ijji - Where Gamers Unite! (although there is an International version, I don't play it, but this is the North American version and plenty of people play on this one anyways). Register an account and download the game etc.

    I guess post your names/levels/where you play here:

    -Stone axe level
    -Rookie server 1 (most people play here or in Open server 1 but im not a high enough level to get in there yet)

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    That game is wicked old school. That takes me back :P

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    I made a new account there now. n.n

    Name - Neonite
    Rank - Chickie

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    Worms seems a lot better, however I might recommend this game to my little half-brother.

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    So this game was awesome. I played it along time ago. I still have the Bear costume from the first event. I stopped playing when they jacked up the prices for all their costumes and then allowed you to rent it. I don't want to rent it!

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    I use to play it, and I got pritty good. But as soon as I bought some stuff, it bumped me up to a higher ranking gameroom, and everyone owned me. So I stopped.

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